Augmented Reality Events - Video Examples

Augmented Reality for live events can engage attendees and bring brands to 3D life.

Have a memorable live event or trade show with technology using Qualcomm Vuforia AR and Unity 3D. Your inventory is a touch away.

Ever notice that when you walk by a street performer, people gather to see what’s happening? But unless the performance is a crowd-pleaser, the guitar case doesn’t get a lot of dollars. Augmented Reality can improve the payoff of your live events and trade shows with engaging, exciting technology using Qualcomm Vuforia AR and Unity 3D.

Augmented Reality for live events

With Augmented Reality, you can bring your entire inventory to live events and trade shows. With apps using Qualcomm Vuforia AR and Unity 3D models, you can show consumers everything right before their eyes. An app for SanDisk was created for Mobile World Congress 2014 where a fusion of Kinect and iPod Touch allowed attendees to choose devices, use their body movement to explode them, and see inside the technology, showing how SanDisk powers some of the most popular tech devices on the market.

AR can extend the reach of live events

Augmented Reality for live events can expand the event’s reach with take-home swag. Give out AR T-shirts, like NewVoiceMedia did with the “See Inside Your Customers” live event theme. Or hand out a trackable image to go with a published app, available in the App Store or Google Play.

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