Augmented Reality Loyalty Apps - Video Demos

AR loyalty apps motivate customers to come into the store and spend time with brands again and again.

Augmented Reality retail loyalty apps can make it easy for customers to find you and spend time and money with you, and you can reward their loyalty.

Augmented Reality retail loyalty apps give customers a reason to visit your store and interact with your brand and employees. The app can gamify the shopping experience or provide an internal map of the store. A  retail app created by Walgreens is a strong example of how using store mapping provided by Google’s Project Tango can increase the convenience of running into the store.  The app allows information to pop off the shelves and suggests accompanying items to add.

Augmented Reality retail loyalty games

Our partnership with Speedway prompted us to create the Speedway Cool Stacks game. This Qualcomm Vuforia AR experience launched from Speedway drink cups allowed customers to interact daily with the Speedway brand, compete for top scores on the leaderboard and earn reward points. The app reaches consumers even when not on site, and can allow customers to interact with your brand in a different and exciting way.

Augmented Reality retail store finder app

In the New Hess Express app, customers can locate the nearest Hess location, the lowest gas prices, and mapping to the store. Also, the app allows customers to earn reward points based on product purchases and an Augmented Reality game for free soda.

Now that more than half of Americans have smartphones, mobile retail loyalty programs are quickly becoming the trend for retailers to give consumers fund brand interactions and reward them for loyalty, while creating an exciting medium of exchange with AR games and special bonuses.

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