Augmented Reality Retail Apps - Video Demos

AR retail apps can increase brand loyalty, get customers into stores more often and spark a little fun.

Augmented Reality retail apps can serve both online retailers and physical stores. It’s all about creating an engaging experience.

Augmented Reality for retail opens new channels of interaction for ecommerce, brick-and-mortar stores, and retail sales staff.

Augmented Reality for ecommerce retailers

AR provides a new dimension to catalog and online retailers, making print shoppable and enabling interactive online features. With Augmented Reality apps, you can see a 360-degree view of products and a 3D representation in the desired space of the consumer’s home. The IKEA AR catalog is one of the best examples of using this technology to help consumers and reduce friction in the purchasing process. Online retailers can offer a printable marker to launch a similar experience and provide consumers with the same convenience as the IKEA AR catalog. Augmented Reality offers a host of shopping options for catalog and online retailers, providing an effective visualization of products and a seamless path to purchase.

Augmented Reality for brick-and-mortar retailers

The growth of online shopping and the convenience of shipping have cut into traditional brick-and-mortar stores. However, Augmented Reality can be used to give customers more reasons to visit your store. AR can provide information and incentive, giving consumers the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Augmented Reality for retail sales staff

Tired of having to stockpile and build display pieces that may not even be used? Why not try a different approach and build only the ones you need? With an Augmented Reality retail display, your sales team can demo the display with ease and share multiple displays at one time. That increases the efficiency of your sales team and reduces costs. AR can create the tools to equip your sales team with the power to reach and exceed sales goals.

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