3D AR Retail Shoes App + Augmented Reality Ecommerce SDK – VisualCommerce™

The VisualCommerce™ SDK makes it easy for retailers to integrate 3D Augmented Reality product models into existing ecommerce mobile apps.
Augmented Reality ecommerce SDK

Easily integrate 3D AR product models into an existing retail app

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Augmented Reality ecommerce SDK

Easily integrate 3D AR product models into an existing retail app

Is Augmented Reality ready for retail?

More detailed and cost efficient than photography or video, 3D products help shoppers to visualize how products relate to each other within the context of their own bodies, rooms and lives. Augmented Reality (AR) is retail ready but are your products Augmented Reality ready?

The Augmented Reality ecommerce SDK for retail apps

Once AR ready 3D assets have been created and are stored in VisualCommerce™, they can be deployed into compelling Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or even print experiences. With Marxent’s VisualCommerce™, retailers can create exciting new 3D Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications that include entire product catalogs.

How this Augmented Reality shoes app works

This example illustrates one retailer’s vision for using Augmented Reality to provide realistic 3D impressions of their entire athletic shoe inventory to shoppers. The Augmented Reality shoes app launches an incredibly detailed 3D model of a shoe off of a poster, webpage or downloadable image target. The experience in the video uses the VisualCommerce™ app template, a custom branded standalone AR/VR app. The exact same 3D AR experience can also be integrated into existing retail app. Once a 3D product view is launched, it is easy to tap and buy the product.

VisualCommerce™ SDK for Retail Apps
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