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Customize a new motorcycle in the innovative VR mode, then view your creation at full size in the real world through the magic of Augmented Reality.
How the Harley-Davidson VisualCommerce™ Mobile app works

Endless options, amazing 3D models: Here's how the app enables next-level bike customization.

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How the Harley-Davidson VisualCommerce™ Mobile app works

Endless options, amazing 3D models: Here's how the app enables next-level bike customization.

What is the Harley-Davidson Augmented Reality App?

The Harley-Davidson Augmented Reality App with VR Mode uses VisualCommerce Mobile to help motorcycle enthusiasts create a personalized bike from a long list of accessories, finishes and detail work. Developed for the 2016 Australian Harley Days — a three-day event that included display bikes, test rides, a stunt show, vendors, music and more — the app allowed attendees to build their own virtual Harley-Davidson, customizing everything from the color scheme, seat and wheels, to the exhaust pipe, sissy bar and derby covers. Once complete, the 3D model of the bike could be viewed at full size in the real world surroundings via the app’s Augmented Reality mode.

Why build an iPad configuration and visualization app for a live event?

Although Harley-Davidson makes a great stock bike, most customers are looking to customize their ride. Harley-Davidson accommodates their fans with an exhaustive list of tweaks and upgrades. If the company wanted to show off even a fraction of the bike designs possible at Australian Harley Days, it would have had to to ship in hundreds of motorcycles. In addition to the prohibitive cost of bringing in that many bikes, there just wouldn’t have been enough space to display or for attendees to explore the bikes at the crowded event.

Instead, the company choose to develop the Harley-Davidson Augmented Reality App with VR Mode. Using the app, show attendees could view Harley-Davidson’s full line of upgrades and accessories, configure the bike of their dreams, then view it at full size using the app’s Augmented Reality feature. This not only saved money and added novelty to the browsing experience, it also exposed customers to a range of options they may not have known were available on the bike they were interested in. Harley-Davidson seemed pleased with the results, and the app is being considered as an in-store tool as it’s next phase of development.

Using an iPad and VR mode to visualize a new hog

Using Marxent’s VisualCommerce™  proven 3D virtual products platform, the Harley-Davidson app allows shoppers to customize every aspect of their new bike. The user starts with a base model, then adds any number of personalized upgrades until they arrive at their dream bike. After the customization phase, the user switches to AR mode to view their creation at full size in the real world, providing a sense of scale and added confidence that the bike in question is really what the customer wants.

  1. Begins the app experience in VR mode by selecting a base model
  2. Customize by swapping colors, seats, wheels, derby covers, exhausts and more
  3. Pinch and zoom for 360-degree views
  4. Switch to AR mode to view the bike at full size in the real world environment

Harley-Davidson Augmented Reality app features

The Harley-Davidson app uses Marxent’s VisualCommerce™ platform combined with a VisualCommerce™ Mobile template to present customers with bike customization options in stunning 3D detail. App features include:

  • Innovative VR mode allowing for 3D customization of bike features
  • Tweak everything from seats and wheels, to sissy bars, derby covers and more
  • Gorgeous 3D models, animations and renderings bring products to life
  • Switch to AR mode to view customized bike in real world environment

What is VisualCommerce™?

VisualCommerce™ is the award-winning cloud-based content management system and suite of Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions for manufacturers, retailers and homebuilders. VisualCommerce™ AR and VR experiences scale to the enterprise, build buyer confidence and deliver sales.

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