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This 3D Augmented Reality app helps NetApp demo large scale, semi-custom products at trade shows.
3D Augmented Reality Trade Show App

See how NetApp is using VisualCommerce™ for trade shows

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3D Augmented Reality Trade Show App

See how NetApp is using VisualCommerce™ for trade shows

Why an Augmented Reality trade show app?

NetApp had a challenge. The FlexPod series of pre-validated IT solutions offers a remarkable suite of components that allow enterprise IT departments to scale up or out to meet the demands of their applications. With FlexPod, customers can plan the power, floor space, usable capacity, performance, and cost of each deployment with accuracy.  In other words, FlexPod is designed to solve serious business problems.

Their number one marketing challenge?  This remarkable, large-scale solution is almost impossible to visualize. NetApp needed to take the FlexPod on the road to trade shows and to empower their sales people with a live demo that scaled to show the remarkable nature of their solution. They also wanted to be able to project an accurate footprint into real-world context and to provide informational hotspots to educate prospects on FlexPod components and features. A VisualCommerce™-powered Augmented Reality app was the clear solution.

Box tracking: The FlexPod Augmented Reality event app solution

To launch the VisualCommerce™-powered FlexPod Augmented Reality app,  Marxent designed an Augmented Reality image target that used a giant box form. This allowed NetApp to illustrate the footprint and complexity of the FlexPod series in 360-degree 3D AR. With Augmented Reality, NetApp was able to empower their live events team with an exciting demo that floors customers.

From AR to web: The FlexPod web visualizer

Visualization sells. The NetApp FlexPod Augmented Reality app was so successful in helping to engage and educate their audience that they are bringing the power of the app to their website with VisualCommerce™ Web, a web visualization platform designed to extend the VisualCommerce™  trade show experience beyond live events and into the online shopping experience.

What is VisualCommerce™, the virtual products platform?

VisualCommerce™  is the only proven virtual products platform and CMS for Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences. 3D products allows for upload of 3D models, along with management and maintenance of thousands of objects and products (SKUs). Using Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality views and advanced content management, VisualCommerce is a powerful sales tool designed to empower shoppers with design tools and assist in visualizing and buying semi-custom products.  Learn more about VisualCommerce

VisualCommerce™ for Trade Shows
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