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Learn how TimberTech leveraged Augmented Reality for an industry-leading home renovation experience.
TimberTech 3D Deck and Rail App

Select your scene and style, then create and view your deck in 3D in your environment.

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TimberTech 3D Deck and Rail App

Select your scene and style, then create and view your deck in 3D in your environment.

About the TimberTech 3D Deck and Rail App

TimberTech is the leading maker of high-quality decking and railing products, and the new TimberTech 3D Deck and Rail app gives buyers and contractors an easy way to browse a wide selection of TimberTech products and see deck design displayed in 3D at full-size, in their back yard. The 3D Augmented Reality iPad app is built with the VisualCommerce™ 3D Virtual Reality Design Studio & Showroom, featuring combinations of TimberTech product finishes and colors in 2D and 3D space.

The TimberTech 3D Deck and Rail App features a 2D Lookbook mode with scene and style selection tools, allowing shoppers to browse several deck scenes and select from a range of style themes with recommended TimberTech products that match. Designers, contractors, and shoppers can use the app in 3D Visualizer mode to create their deck with TimberTech decking and railing, then see their design at scale next to their home.

Powered by VisualCommerce™, the TimberTech app uses Augmented Reality and 3D visualization to build buyer confidence and shorten the sales cycle. TimberTech products can be updated conveniently using the VisualCommerce™ content management tools, without the need for an app store update.

How to use the TimberTech 3D Deck and Rail App

  1. Download the app for your iPad.
  2. Launch the app.
  3. Use the 2D Lookbook mode to browse through scenes and choose a style.
  4. Tap the icons in your scene to explore TimberTech materials, finish, and color options.
  5. Swipe down to switch to 3D Visualizer mode, where you can configure and view your deck in 3D.
  6. Print the trackable image from TimberTech.com.
  7. Scan the trackable by opening 3D Visualizer mode and centering the trackable on the iPad screen.
  8. Configure your deck and railing in 3D space and select options.
  9. Add notes, save, and share your creation with others.

What is VisualCommerce™?

VisualCommerce™ is a SaaS that makes entire 3D product inventories accessible and configurable within real-world environments for the ultimate product visualization experience. Using Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality views and advanced content management, VisualCommerce™ is a powerful sales tool designed to empower shoppers with design tools and assist high-consideration purchasing.  Learn more about VisualCommerce

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