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3D Augmented Reality furniture visualization
Virtual Product Showcase

A high-resolution 3D rendering of this medical procedure chair has high-fidelity texture and detail.

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Virtual Product Showcase

A high-resolution 3D rendering of this medical procedure chair has high-fidelity texture and detail.

Augmented Reality furniture: A 3D virtual product showcase

It’s difficult to choose a regular chair. It’s even harder to shop for a high-consideration technical purchase such as a specialized medical procedure chair with advanced options, moving parts and custom configurations. With a high-quality 3D rendering, the Augmented Reality furniture example featured in this AR product showcase app has the same level of detail as the actual chair – down to the grain of the leather. This experience recreates the real-life movement and capabilities of the chair in a way that’s easy for buyers to control and understand. The buttons in the navigation mimic the real-life foot controls of the chair, building familiarity with the physical interaction.

How the AR product showcase works

•    Use an iPad to recognize the trackable image
•    Tap icons to control chair position
•    Move closer to the chair to see real-size texture and detail
•    Hot spots open additional specs and descriptions

Augmented Reality furniture and product demos

This Augmented Reality furniture product showcase displays a 3D product visualization using Augmented Reality, replacing the need to ship products for showrooms or live sales demonstrations. The VisualCommerce™ platform allows for buyers to design and configure products like virtual chairs, changing chair color or configuration, then viewing and interacting with them in 3D Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality Virtual product demos build buyer confidence and shorten sales cycles, saving on marketing and shipping costs.

What is VisualCommerce™?

VisualCommerce™ is a SaaS that makes entire 3D product inventories accessible and configurable within real-world environments for the ultimate product visualization experience. Using Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality views and advanced content management, VisualCommerce™ is a powerful sales tool designed to empower shoppers with design tools and assist high-consideration purchasing.  Learn more about VisualCommerce™.


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