Shoptalk Europe

Shoptalk Europe – Virtual Reality Speaker

Join Beck Besecker, Marxent CEO and co-founder, at Shoptalk Europe for a look at the future of retail merchandising.

Global Retailing Conference 2017

Global Retailing Conference 2017 – Virtual Reality Speaker

For the 2017 event, Marxent CEO Beck Besecker will be talking about Virtual Reality for retail and the evolution of the customer journey.

National Retail Federations Retail's Big Show 2017

National Retail Federation Retail’s BIG Show 2017 – Virtual Reality Exhibitor

At the NRF Big Show in New York City, January 2017, Marxent will debut brand new Virtual Reality experiences for retail.

Arena Tech Night

Arena Tech Night – Virtual Reality Speaker

Marxent Product Manager Vince Killian will be a featured speaker at Arena Tech Night in Columbus on Oct. 4

NEXT Conference

NEXT Conference – Virtual Reality Speaker

Join Beck Besecker, Marxent's CEO and co-founder, at the NEXT Conference and learn how Virtual Reality is changing the game for retailers and manufacturers.

Shop.Org Retail's Digital Summit Retail’s Digital Summit – Virtual Reality Speaker

Join Beck Besecker, Marxent's CEO and co-founder, at the Retail's Digital Summit and learn how VR is revolutionizing the customer experience.

Webinar image

Exclusive Marxent Webinar: “How You Can Succeed Today With Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality” with Forrester’s J.P. Gownder

The topic: How businesses can succeed today using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions to cut costs and increase sales.

Path To Purchase Expo

Path To Purchase Expo – Virtual Reality Speaker

Join Beck Besecker, Marxent's CEO and co-founder, at the Path To Purchase Expo and learn how VR/AR paired with big data can be a boon to retailers and manufacturers.

Gartner Digital Marketing Conference

Gartner Digital Marketing Conference 2016 – Lowe’s Holoroom Case Study

Join Gartner Analyst Augie Ray for the session, "Virtual Reality: What’s Real, and How Marketers Should Prepare," featuring a video case study from Lowe's Innovation Labs and Marxent.

NVIDIA GTC GPU Technology Conference 2016

NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference 2016 – Virtual Reality Speaker

At this year's NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will dominate. Marxent will be there to talk VR/AR and processing power.

Terry Lundgren Global Retailing Conference 2016

Global Retailing Conference 2016 – Virtual Reality Speaker

Beck Besecker, Marxent's CEO and co-founder, will present a talk titled, "The Virtual Reality Piggy Bank: 5 Ways that Retailers Can Future-Proof Investments in Emerging Technologies."

Singularity University XPRIZE INSTITUTE Innovation Partnership Program

Singularity University and the XPRIZE Institute – IPP Virtual Reality Learning Journey

Along with seven other Virtual Reality companies, Marxent was invited to share VisualCommerce and the Lowe's Holoroom at the Singularity University IPP Virtual Reality Learning Journey

Florida Venture Forum – Florida Venture Capital Conference

Meet Virtual Reality company Marxent at the 2016 Florida Venture Capital Conference

CES 2016 – Virtual Reality Exhibitor

At CES in Las Vegas, January 2016, Marxent will debut a brand new Virtual Reality experience.

BurgBorn Tech Roundtable | Marxent

At Connected Stores UK? Win a Samsung GearVR and Galaxy Note 4

Enterprise & Entertainment Virtual Reality Conference and Expo – Macquarie Securities Group

BDPA Cincinnati – Future of Augmented and Virtual Reality

Startup Grind Dayton – Virtual Reality Speaker

AASA Technology Conference – 3D Visualization Speaker

International Builders’ Show – Augmented Reality Exhibitor

Wireless Innovation Council – Retail and Innovation Speaker

Pacific Coast Builders Conference – Virtual Reality Exhibitor

Q&A: Work in Virtual Reality! 5 Virtual Reality Jobs & How to Get in the Door

Dayton Engineers Club Barn Gang – The Future of AR/VR

At Connected Stores UK? Win a Samsung GearVR and Galaxy Note 4

Augmented World Expo – Virtual Reality Speaker and Exhibitor

Cincinnati Innovation Xchange – Virtual Reality Company

Gartner Digital Marketing Conference 2015 – Virtual Reality Exhibitor

Interactive Customer Experience Summit – Emerging Technology

Forrester’s Forum For Marketing Leaders 2015 – Virtual Reality Speaker

Connected Stores London – Virtual Reality Speaker and Exhibitor

SXSW Interactive 2015 – Virtual Reality Exhibitor

Techweek Detroit 2014 – The future of mobile technology

SIMEngage Cincinnati- Social Media and Internet Marketing Trends

SanDisk Augmented Reality at Mobile World Congress 2014

CES 2014: Qualcomm, SanDisk and Marxent Labs

Xploration 2014 and the future of interactive print

EventTech 2013: Using Augmented Reality games to enhance live events

Uplinq 2013 – Qualcomm Vuforia AR Developer Conference

D2Cincinnati – Mobile Marketing & Digital Strategy Summit

Event Marketing Summit 2013: Augmented Reality marketing with Marxent’s CEO

NEMOA directXchange – 2013 Spring Conference

Digital Signage Expo 2013 – Augmented Reality Demos

We’ll see you at NRF’s Retail’s Big Show 2013!

EventTech 2012 – Augmented Reality Live Experience Demo

Mobile Engagement in Retail 2012 – Augmented Reality

The Huffington Post Entrepreneurship and Start-up Expo @ RNC 2012

NRF Tech 2012: Moosejaw talks Augmented Reality

DVP Demo Day features Marxent Labs – and 11 other awesome start-ups

VIDEO: Moosejaw X-Ray App by Marxent Labs Featured @ Mobile World Congress 2012

Augmented Reality Event 2012 with Qualcomm

We’ll see you at CES 2012

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