Mixed Commerce

Mixed commerce melds traditional brick and mortar strategies with new technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to create amazing customer experiences.
Mixed Commerce
Mixed Commerce Glossary Feature 600x400

Mixed Commerce Glossary: Defining the future of retail | Marxent

And now, a word about mixed commerce — a whole bunch of words, actually. Welcome to the Mixed Commerce Glossary.

Endless Aisle shopping

The Endless Aisle: Solving retail’s space woes by selling more with less | Marxent

Major brands are dealing with a glut in retail space by embracing mixed commerce and the endless aisle to increase sales while shrinking their physical footprint.

Mixed Commerce - Macy's Closes Stores

Mixed commerce, Macy’s and the new retail reality | Marxent

Mixed Commerce is causing a sea change at America's retailers. With giants like Macy's closing stores, small footprint concepts are all the rage …

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