Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality
What is Mixed Reality?

What is Mixed Reality? A Q&A with Marxent’s Ken Moser, PhD

Marxent Software Engineer Ken Moser gets real in this exclusive Q&A that goes in depth to explain Mixed Reality.

Unified Commerce

Unified commerce: Win the customer, rule the marketplace | Marxent

Retailers are moving to Unified Commerce, which builds upon the innovations of omnichannel strategy while better unifying the customer experience.

3D Modeling Q&A

3D Modeling: A Q&A with Program Manager Shawn Rothery | Marxent

Program Manager Shawn Rothery discusses 3D models — what they are, how we create them, and implementations that blur the line between real and digital.

Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Technology Trends 2017

5 top Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology trends for 2017

Everything you need to know about the top Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology trends for 2017.

Augmented & Virtual Reality News

2016: The Year in Review – Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality News and Trends

New hardware, attention-grabbing apps, and an explosion of content made 2016 a breakthrough year for Augmented & Virtual Reality.

Mixed Commerce Glossary Feature 600x400

Mixed Commerce Glossary: Defining the future of retail | Marxent

And now, a word about mixed commerce — a whole bunch of words, actually. Welcome to the Mixed Commerce Glossary.

NFL Use of AR VR for business

4 ways the NFL scores with Virtual and Augmented Reality, and your business can too | Marxent

What’s good for the NFL can also be great for other businesses, even those that don’t reap billions of dollars in profit per year.

HTC Vive Feature Image

HTC Vive: 4 ways the VR leader is reinventing retail, manufacturing, training and more | Marxent

The HTC Vive is already being used by businesses for innovative marketing and sales initiatives.

Mixed Commerce - Macy's Closes Stores

Mixed commerce, Macy’s and the new retail reality | Marxent

Mixed Commerce is causing a sea change at America's retailers. With giants like Macy's closing stores, small footprint concepts are all the rage …

Diminished Reality with Ken Moser

Q&A: What is Diminished Reality? R&D Engineer Ken Moser, PhD, explains | Marxent @ Work

Can you separate Diminished Reality from the Virtual or Augmented varieties? Marxent's foremost authority on reality is here to help.

Realism lighting

Realism and lighting: 5 methods for bringing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to life | Marxent @ Work

There's more to designing realistic 3D imagery for AR and VR experiences than just seeing the light — you also have to know how to harness it.

Pioneers VR

CASE STUDY: How to lead a successful Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality project

Through the hundreds of projects we've done over our 5 years in the industry, we've crafted a recipe for running an AR or VR proof of concept. The PIONEERS framework works - use it!

Visual merchandising ideas

Virtual Reality (and AR) retail visual merchandising ideas: Top 4 reasons AR and VR are made for visual marketing

These four visual merchandising ideas show how Virtual and Augmented Reality are changing the way businesses think about visual marketing.

Augmented Reality Trends for 2016

5 top Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality technology trends for 2016

An explosion in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology, means new trends in hardware, commerce and entertainment. See what's in store for 2016.

Hire a Virtual Reality developer

Ready to hire a Virtual Reality developer? 6 things to look for

there are some unique factors that come into play when looking at Virtual Reality companies. We've talked to thousands of customers and worked with dozens of clients on hundreds of Virt

IBS 2016: The Lowe's Holoroom and Virtual Reality

IBS 2016: The Lowe’s Holoroom and Virtual Reality for Building Products

At IBS 2016, Marxent will be offering demos of the Lowe's Holoroom, the first Oculus Virtual Reality kitchen and bath design studio.

5 mind-blowing immersive Virtual Reality experiences

What makes immersive Virtual Reality amazing? The best VR experiences have these three things in common.

How does Virtual Reality work?

How Does Virtual Reality Work? – Part I of 2

VR is unique in that it places the user inside of a digital content experience.

Oculus vs. Project Morpheus: Who will win the Virtual Reality device wars?

The VR wearables war is on! Learn more about Virtual Reality headsets for both VR developers and mobile consumers.

What is Virtual Reality? Definition and Examples

What is Virtual Reality? [Definition and Examples]

An in-depth look at the definition of Virtual Reality, this round-up touches on current examples and break-out technologies.

The 5 Top Brands Using Virtual Reality Marketing

Virtual Reality is a powerful marketing tool, and 5 innovative brands have found the secrets to an effective Virtual Reality experience.

We took VisualCommerce™ to SXSW 2015. Here’s what happened.

Over 4000 people experienced the VisualCommerce™ Virtual Reality Design Studio & Showroom and the Marxent Holodeck™ at SXSW 2015. See what happened.

Visual commerce defined: Beyond Pinterest and Instagram

At Marxent, our definition of visual commerce is a departure from some of the other uses of the phrase. Here are the four most popular definitions for visual commerce.

Oculus Rift: Virtual Reality for Live Events

Oculus Rift: Virtual Reality for live events and experiences has arrived

Virtual Reality is inching us ever-closer to the ultimate immersive, live experience. Learn more about what's in store for VR when it comes to marketing engagement.

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