3D Cloud™ VR Showroom: Virtual Reality Retail App

Intuitive, realistic and retail-ready, VR Showroom endless aisle shopping app is the in-store VR experience template that uses HMDs to visualize and drive purchase decisions.
What is VR Showroom?

VR Showroom is the in-store Virtual Reality experience that uses Oculus, HTC Vive or other HMDs for visualizing and driving purchases.

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What is VR Showroom?

VR Showroom is the in-store Virtual Reality experience that uses Oculus, HTC Vive or other HMDs for visualizing and driving purchases.

3D Cloud™ VR Showroom is built for in-store Virtual Reality

3D Cloud™ VR Showroom is the proven and innovative solution for retailers looking to innovate with the latest VR technology. The app template offers support for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and other head-mounted displays (HMDs). Features include an in-store 3D VR showroom app template and a proven, retail-ready installed experience. Marxent’s 3D Cloud™ powers cross-platform solutions designed to visualize, configure, and price the way to success, wherever and however you sell.

The Virtual Reality app that makes in-person shopping more profitable, personal and delightful

3D Cloud™ VR Showroom is designed for retailers who want a dynamic Virtual Reality shopping app that pairs locational flexibility and cost savings with endless aisle shopping. Combined with 3D Cloud™, VR Showroom apps empower major retailers to build basket size through an exciting and personalized HMD viewing experience.

For shoppers

  • Intuitive shopping. A guided journey with grid-based mapping and smart products
  • Define space. Draw a space and populate it with virtual products
  • Configure. Design realistic 3D products or items into a single scene
  • Assemble. Combine multiple virtual products into an assembly (e.g., a custom shower)
  • Visualize. Explore each design in 360-degree 3D Virtual Reality
  • Save and share. Create, revise, save and share endless scenes
  • Price and quote. For each scene, export a detailed bill of goods

For the bottom line

  • Miniaturize the showroom. Go from a large format to main street retail footprint
  • Enhance existing retail footprints. Encourages customers to build their baskets
  • Installed VR expertise. Proven experience and a known model
  • Attribution and analytics. Visit attribution and sales analytics to measure ROI
  • User management. Create accounts and save files to the cloud
  • Omni-channel. View and edit content across Mobile, Web and VR Showroom apps

Home furnishings and furniture: Build a basket in 3D Virtual Reality

Created for a top retailer and manufacture of home furnishings and furniture that wanted to bring their large format showrooms to a broader audience by way of Virtual Reality endless aisle shopping, while improving multiple unit sales. This 3D Cloud™ VR Showroom app provides access to an entire product catalog and allows customers to view furniture arrangements, customizations and options in 3D Virtual Reality. The experience uses an HTC Vive with hand-held controllers to navigate and explore options. When the user is satisfied with their selections, they can export their scene into a bill of goods.

Homebuilder design center: Customize, visualize, and price options

This HTC Vive Virtual Reality design center was created for a luxury homebuilder that wanted to provide access to a full range of options and floor plans without having to build out multiple model homes within a community. This 3D Cloud™ VR Showroom app provides access to complete and realistic home walkthroughs, while also allowing homebuyers to customize, visualize and price options in the kitchen. The app uses an HTC Vive paired with hand-held controllers to navigate the room and select options. Once the customer is satisfied, they are provided with a complete bill of goods that details their selections.

Lowe’s Home Improvement: Compose, configure, design and decide

The Lowe’s Holoroom was designed to manage thousands of 3D product SKUs to create a dynamic in-store kitchen and bathroom design experience. This 3D Cloud™ VR Showroom app combined advanced iPad-based design tools with an Oculus DK2 Virtual Reality viewing experience. Once satisfied with their designs, shoppers could export their projects to YouTube 360 for viewing at home with a Google Cardboard. The Holoroom was recognized with an Auggie award for Best Enterprise Augmented Reality Solution at the 2015 Augmented World Expo and was a Finalist for Top Tech of CES 2015 by Digital Trends. Most recently, Marxent was awarded Best of IBS: Best Kitchen Product at the 2016 International Builders’ Show.

3D Cloud™ AR/VR for Products & Spaces

Learn more about 3D Cloud™, the virtual products platform behind 3D Cloud™ VR Showroom. Used by American Woodmark, AZEK Building Products, USG, TRUE Innovations and Toyo Pumps, is robust, mature and built for the enterprise. Applications include in-field sales demos, live events, service applications and direct-to-consumer sales.

VR Showroom

In-store 3D space configuration and virtual reality visualization
Fast and engaging tablet-based design experience and VR “test drive” Bonus: Publish for at-home use
Accelerates sales and increases basket size
Bonus: Publish as a consumer app for "at home" access

Supported Devices

HTC Vive
Oculus Rift
Samsung GearVR
More! Just ask.

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