3D Cloud™ Touchscreen Showroom: “VR without a headset”

Ready for retail, 3D Cloud™ Touchscreen Showroom delivers an intuitive and immersive endless aisle shopping experience to drive purchase decisions.
What is 3D Cloud™
Touchscreen Showroom?

3D Cloud™ Touchscreen Showroom is an eye-catching, small footprint sales solution that converts customers through an immersive 3D touchscreen experience.

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What is 3D Cloud™
Touchscreen Showroom?

3D Cloud™ Touchscreen Showroom is an eye-catching, small footprint sales solution that converts customers through an immersive 3D touchscreen experience.

3D Cloud™ Touchscreen Showroom brings Virtual Reality product visualization to your customers — wherever they are

3D Cloud™ Touchscreen Showroom is an innovative retail solution for brands looking to attract customers with an eye-catching, customizable point of sale experience. Touchscreen Showroom is designed for a brilliant Samsung 85-inch 4K display, which gives users the ability to inspect interactive 3D products rendered in stunning realism. With a small footprint and locational flexibility, 3D Cloud™ Touchscreen Showroom is perfect for high-traffic areas like airports, train stations, stadiums and other retail environments.

Touchscreen Showroom delivers all of the wow of 3D VR product visualization at a lower price point, and without the need for extra equipment or staffing. Powered by 3D Cloud™, Marxent’s industry leading content management system for 3D products, Touchscreen Showroom delivers a familiar, easy to navigate experience that’s as simple as operating a smartphone. Each session is self-directed, with the intuitive interface guiding shoppers as they sort through product models, features, colors and finishes.

Ideal for showcasing large appliances, home renovation upgrades, or any product for which there are a large number of mix-and-match features, Touchscreen Showroom is a great way to get potential customers to explore your full range of products, finishes and options in traditional retail environments, pop-up stores, or non-traditional locations. It’s a powerful retail solution that makes in-person shopping more personal and delightful for the shopper, and more profitable for the retailer.

For shoppers:

  • Intuitive shopping. Touchscreen experience built around gorgeous display and stunning 3D products
  • Visualize. Explore each product in depth at or near full size
  • Customize. Sort through endless options, including models, feature sets and finishes
  • Price and quote. Place an order, or export a detailed product description for further consideration

For the bottom line:

  • Miniaturize the showroom. Cut a large retail footprint to the size of a vending machine
  • Enhance existing retail footprints. Encourages customers to select from full line of products — not just what’s on the showroom floor
  • Attribution and analytics. Visit attribution and sales analytics to measure ROI
  • Omni-channel. In addition to the Touchscreen Showroom, 3D products can be used across Mobile, Web and VR Showroom apps

3D Cloud™ Showroom apps are designed for retailers who want a dynamic Virtual Reality shopping app that pairs locational flexibility and cost savings with endless aisle shopping. Combined with 3D Cloud™, Touchscreen Showroom apps empower major retailers to build basket size through an exciting and personalized HMD or touchscreen viewing experience.

3D Cloud™ AR/VR for Products & Spaces

Learn more about 3D Cloud™, the virtual products platform behind 3D Cloud™ VR Showroom. Used by Ashley Furniture, American Woodmark, AZEK Building Products, USG, TRUE Innovations and Toyo Pumps, is robust, mature and built for the enterprise. Applications include in-field sales demos, live events, service applications and direct-to-consumer sales.

3D Cloud™ Touchscreen Showroom

Small footprint allows retailers go where their customers are
Endless Aisle shopping through a fast and engaging touchscreen experience
3D products + Touchscreen = VR without a headset
Allows customers to shop for high-consideration products in non-traditional locations

3D Cloud™ Touchscreen Showroom works for

Manufacturers of highly customizable products
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