VisualCommerce™ Mobile – Markerless Augmented Reality for Furniture and Home Decor

With unparalleled markerless AR capabilities, VisualCommerce™ Mobile helps buyers configure and visualize home decor and home furnishings in context. Works with all operating systems.
Markerless AR now with Wall Placement

VisualCommerce™ Mobile is the stable, realistic 3D product solution for previewing wall-hung artwork, posters, window treatments, light fixtures and more in stunning AR.

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Markerless AR now with Wall Placement

VisualCommerce™ Mobile is the stable, realistic 3D product solution for previewing wall-hung artwork, posters, window treatments, light fixtures and more in stunning AR.

The Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality mobile app template with markerless AR for in-field and direct-to-consumer sales

VisualCommerce™ Mobile is the proven markerless AR and VR solution for in-field and direct-to-consumer sales. VisualCommerce™ Mobile features include high-fidelity visualization, configuration, and dual-mode operation so you can always get the best experience possible. The VisualCommerce™ Mobile app template is used by Harley-DavidsonUSGTimberTech, American Woodmark, and many others.

All of the beauty of markerless AR but none of the complexity

When realism and portability are paramount, VisualCommerce™ Mobile with markerless AR is the perfect fit. Designed to empower retailers, manufacturers and the in-field salesforce with powerful Augmented and Virtual Reality visualization without the complexity and expense of deploying HMDs. The perfect tool to replace samples and product catalogs typically used for in-field sales, VisualCommerce Mobile™ puts the endless aisle at the fingertips of your customers.

  • Configure. Design multiple products or items into a single scene
  • Visualize. Explore each design in 360-degree 3D views and in VR or real environments
  • Save and share option. Create, revise, save and share endless scenes
  • Price and quote option. For each scene, export a detailed bill of goods

Marxent’s patent-pending markerless Augmented Reality technology allows us to offer a consistent markerless AR experience across platforms, whether that’s for Android or the newly released Apple ARKit. VisualCommerce Mobile allows users on all mobile platforms to place 3D products into a real-world context without the use of a QR code or image marker. Using the camera on almost any standard tablet to orient the 3D object in real space, the selected object can be viewed at a distance or up close and manipulated to fit.

New Feature: Markerless AR with Wall Placement

Marxent is pleased to announce the addition of Wall Tracking to the robust set of tools included with VisualCommerce Mobile. Preview wall-hung artwork, posters, window treatments, light fixtures and more in stunning Augmented Reality. Markerless AR with Wall Placement is a stable, realistic 3D product solution ideal for retailers and manufacturers of home decor.

Harley-Davidson: Configure endless options in gorgeous realism

The Harley-Davidson Augmented Reality iPad app with markerless AR pairs stunning realism with endless customizations to create a fun and engaging brand-fan shopping experience. Trade out background scenes, body types, seats, lights, and myriad other options for a truly custom bike design experience.

VisualCommerce™ Markerless AR: Office Furniture App Demo

Pick, place and preview office furniture with a stunning markerless AR experience powered by VisualCommerce™ 3D Cloud.

VisualCommerce™ Markerless AR: Furniture App Demo with Upholstery Explorer

Visualize and preview ultra realistic 3D models of furniture and explore upholstery colors and textures in-context with Markerless AR powered by VisualCommerce™ 3D Cloud.

USG: Tablet-based Virtual Reality

The USG Virtual Reality iPad app with magic window enables the selection and purchase of acoustic ceiling tiles in-context and with support for audio impact files. When a ceiling tile is selected for a given environment such as a cafeteria or open plan office, an accompanying sound file is launched to simulate the acoustic properties of the chosen tile. The app uses a VR magic window experience to layer 3D products into realistic 360-degree environments.

TimberTech: Configure and visualize in context

The TimberTech Augmented Reality iPad app helps buyers explore the company’s entire product catalog of decking, railing and lighting products. Complete with configurable finishes and options, this visualization app is used by contractors to help sell complex semi-custom projects.

American Woodmark: Endless aisle showroom without samples

The Waypoint App from American Woodmark helps buyers to configure and visualize the company’s entire product catalog of cabinet styles, colors, finishes and hardware. This visualization app is designed to support in-store sales and up-selling by exposing options and building buyer confidence.

VisualCommerce™ AR/VR for Products & Spaces

Learn more about VisualCommerce™ 3D Cloud, the virtual products platform behind VisualCommerce™ Mobile. Used by American Woodmark, AZEK Building Products, USG, TRUE Innovations and Toyo Pumps, is robust, mature and built for the enterprise. Applications include in-field sales demos, live events, service applications and direct-to-consumer sales.

VisualCommerce™ Mobile

Mobile “in-field” markerless AR marketing and sales visualizers to replace samples and sales brochures
Pre-built scenes with options to view alternate finishes, textures, and options
Bonus: Add "space capture" and configuration tools

VisualCommerce™ Mobile works for

Manufacturers and wholesalers
Sales organizations
Furniture & flooring manufacturers
Car dealerships
Home product retailers or manufacturers
Multichannel retailers
Ecommerce websites
Catalog retailers
POS or POP displays
Packaging manufacturers

Compatible Devices

Project Tango
Windows 10


TimberTech Midmark USG Toyo Pumps Harley-Davidson
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