AR and VR for Furniture Retail:
Wow customers, reduce returns, sell more furniture

Furniture retailers on the leading edge are turning to 3D Cloud™ to wow customers, maximize sales and reduce returns.
Watch Now: 3D Cloud™ Retail Solutions

From consideration to close, see how 3D Cloud™ AR/VR solutions are changing the way people shop.

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Watch Now: 3D Cloud™ Retail Solutions

From consideration to close, see how 3D Cloud™ AR/VR solutions are changing the way people shop.

The Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality platform for furniture retailers that really works

Customers are already coming to expect a seamless, consistent retail experience that includes mobile, web and in-store technologies such as Virtual Reality. It’s not enough to have an e-commerce website and an iPhone app — That’s why we created 3D Cloud™, the award-winning cloud-based content management system and suite of Augmented and Virtual Reality retail solutions. 3D Cloud™ invites shoppers to experience stunning realism and cross-platform consistency that set the customer experience apart.

3D Cloud™ AR and VR solutions scale to the enterprise, build buyer confidence, and deliver a memorable experience that spawns unstoppable word of mouth. Which one is right for you?

  • View in Room and Design in Room™  is the portable, Markerless Augmented Reality visualization tool with VR mode for in-field sales. Works with Apple ARKit and Android ARCore.
  • 3D Room Designer is the configure, price and quote tool that works with mobile or most standard web browsers.
  • VR Showroom is the in-store Virtual Reality showroom that provides endless aisle shopping within a small retail footprint.

The furniture visualization platform for AR and VR

Marxent’s 3D Cloud™ uses workhorse assets and nimble content management to show off a realistic 3D product catalog viewed through Augmented and Virtual Reality visualization tools. A full-featured 3D virtual reality design studio and showroom, 3D Cloud’s product visualization tools get more products in front of prospective customers without the costs, complications and physical limitations that come with real-world inventory. Using Markerless Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, 3D Cloud™ enables virtual 3D product visualization, customization and configuration to create an emotional, connected sales experience.

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Why retailers choose 3D Cloud™

  • A content investment that scales – The 3D Cloud™ Content Management System (CMS) can handle an almost unlimited number of products and product permutations. For retailers, this means being able to show off an endless aisle of merchandise, broadening sales across a wider range of items while reducing the need for a huge retail footprint.
  • Stunning realism – 3D products are great, but they have to be photo-realistic to work in place of physical samples. 3D Cloud™ uses high-resolution renders to deliver a level of realism that leaves shoppers scratching their heads, wondering where the real world ends and the digital one begins.
  • It  just works — no matter which hardware platform you use. Apple’s iOS and ARKit SDK, Android and ARCore, WebGL, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, and others are all supported by VisualCommerce. Why lock yourself into one platform? With 3D Cloud™ for retail, your customers can have it all — wherever and however they shop.

3D Cloud™ works for furniture retail

Used by Ashley Furniture and Lowe’s Home Improvement, 3D Cloud™ suite of products platform is robust, mature and built for retail. Publication options include custom branded apps (white label) or integration into an existing mobile app (SDK).

3D Room Designer

Mobile “in-store” or "in-home" AR sales visualizers
Web-based 3D configuration and visualization
Pre-built scenes with options to view alternate finishes, textures, and options
Consumer or contractor-focused 3D “CPQ” design solution
Supports entire product catalogs and complex business rules
Bonus: White-label editions for channel partners

VR Showroom

In-store 3D space configuration and virtual reality visualization
Fast and engaging tablet-based design experience and VR “test drive” Bonus: Publish for at-home use
Accelerates sales and increases basket size
Bonus: Publish as a consumer app for "at home" access

Devices + Technologies

Apple ARKit/iOS/iPad
HTC Vive
Samsung GearVR
Microsoft Hololens
Oculus Rift
YouTube 360


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