Augmented Reality & 3D Models - Video Examples

Watch how top AR apps use Unity 3D animation to create fun, immersive, "wow" experiences.

Using Qualcomm Vuforia AR and Unity 3D,  these top Augmented Reality apps can put a high-tech toaster in your kitchen, lockers in your building or a pet dragon on your table.

Today’s 3D models serve an amazing array of purposes. The most familiar use may be 3D movies. We pay extra for that magical feeling of immersion as we plunge into the movie’s action. Augmented Reality provides the same “wow” experience, but with mobile devices in the palm of your hand.

3D models for industry

With the launch of an app, AR can bring entire industry inventories to mobile devices and display them in 3D. The TurboChef toaster demo places the toaster wherever you want it in the room, even enabling you to open the door and check it out from all angles. Another great example is Scranton Duralife Lockers, an app enabling consumers to visualize the project’s result before it’s even started. AR 3D models create a potential reality, empowering sales reps to wow clients and close deals.

3D models for AR education apps

Take education to the third dimension with Unity 3D models. Embrace AR education with the WSU brain model. Rotate, zoom in, and tap hotspots to interact with. Augmented Reality leaves a lasting impression on students and consumers. Educate students about their subjects or consumers about your brand while creating a rewarding interaction.

3D models for kids

Augmented Reality brings 3D fun to child’s play. How about your very own pet dragon that pops up from a Valentine’s Day card? Make room, Puff. Tickle the Love Dragon frolics in the Dragon Blazer app, brought to life by our 3D artists.

Stand out from the 3D crowd

3D models enhance so many situations nowadays that it’s becoming harder to stand out. The best Augmented Reality apps allow users to interact on a highly personal level with mobile devices, forever changing the landscape of technology for education, retail, professionals, and live events.

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