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Launch videos from almost any surface with Qualcomm Vuforia AR. Enhance campaigns, events and reports.

Augmented Reality videos arise from product packages, calendars, event banners, reports and books. See our AR video examples.

Augmented Reality videos can be launched from retail product packages, live event banners, calendars and print. These can serve as an interactive medium to reach consumers in a dynamic ways. Starbucks saw this opportunity to create animated movies viewable from various Starbucks Christmas coffee cups. AR videos can provide fun interactions between consumers and your brand.

Augmented Reality videos for retail product packaging

As a product package designer, you create unique logos to reach consumers. AR product packaging can take your image and place it in motion. The Tecate sweepstakes campaign is a strong AR example. The Augmented Reality video was launched from the iconic Tecate eagle, inviting consumers to watch the World Cup and earn a chance to win a trip to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. AR videos for product packaging can send special messages, unlock special offers and extend current marketing campaigns.

Augmented Reality videos for live events

Don’t just tell people what your company does. Show them. Hobbart appliance repair services chose this method for one of its live events. Using Augmented Reality 3D videos, Hobbart showed how its repairmen provide high-quality service. AR videos can show things in a way that simply telling can’t provide.

Augmented Reality videos for print

Have you ever been reading a book or magazine, feeling a bit lost by the text? AR videos can solve this by providing authors and educators a means to provide additional, embedded information. Hexagon provided a full Augmented Reality annual report launched from a trackable image, included with its physical annual report. The report featured motion graphics that enhanced the storytelling and linked the conversation to contextual representations.

AR videos provide solutions for reaching consumers with interactive, engaging information, providing new interactions for the classic print medium.

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