View in Room and Design in Room™: Augmented Reality Furniture Videos & Case Studies

Watch these View in Room and Design in Room™ AR examples to see AR visualization and furniture purchase planning at it's best.

Trying to decide between Apple ARKit or Android? Get the most out of your 3D content investment with View in Room and Design in Room™ AR.

View in Room and Design in Room™ AR: Apple ARKit support and more

View in Room AR offers gorgeous realism with basic AR placement and Design in Room™ AR provides a new level of engagement and usefulness for in-context furniture placement.

Whether it’s Apple iPhone and ARKit, A Google Tango device like the Zenfone, or one of the many Android handsets, View in Room and Design in Room™ AR allow for high-fidelity visualization, configuration, and dual-mode operation so you always get the best experience possible.

Our patent-pending markerless Augmented Reality technology enables users to place 3D products into a real-world context without the use of a QR code or image marker. Using the camera on a tablet to orient the 3D object in real space, the selected object can be viewed at a distance or up close and manipulated to fit.

Markerless AR regardless of device

Marxent’s markerless AR works with Apple ARKit-enabled devices (iPhone, iPad) and Android handsets. View in Room and Design in Room™ are being used by top furniture retailers such as Ashley HomeStores, La-Z-Boy Furniture and Macy’s to empower users, build buyer confidence, and show off a much wider product range than ever before possible.

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