VisualCommerce Mobile: Markerless Augmented Reality Furniture Videos & Case Studies

Marxent's VisualCommerce™ Mobile with Markerless AR is the platform-agnostic solution for retailers, builders and manufacturers.

Trying to decide between Apple ARKit or Android? Get the most out of your 3D content investment with VisualCommerce Mobile.

VisualCommerce Mobile: Apple ARKit support and more

VisualCommerce™ Mobile is the proven markerless AR and VR solution no matter what platform you support. Whether it’s Apple iPhone and ARKit, A Google Tango device like the Zenfone, or one of the many Android handsets, VisualCommerce™ Mobile allows for high-fidelity visualization, configuration, and dual-mode operation so you always get the best experience possible.

Our patent-pending markerless Augmented Reality technology enables users to place 3D products into a real-world context without the use of a QR code or image marker. Using the camera on a tablet to orient the 3D object in real space, the selected object can be viewed at a distance or up close and manipulated to fit.

Markerless AR regardless of device

Marxent’s markerless AR works with Apple ARKit-enabled devices (iPhone, iPad) and Android handsets. VisualCommerce Mobile is already being used by Harley-Davidson, Azek Building Products, USG and other companies to empower users, build buyer confidence, and show off a much wider product range than ever before possible.

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