Ashley Augmented Reality furniture app

Ashley HomeStores is leading furniture retailers in Augmented Reality for home furnishings with their View In Room AR furniture app, powered by 3D Furniture Cloud™.
Ashley HomeStore AR furniture app

View In Room Augmented Reality makes it easy to preview Ashley Furniture products in your home.

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Ashley HomeStore AR furniture app

View In Room Augmented Reality makes it easy to preview Ashley Furniture products in your home.

The Ashley HomeStores AR furniture app – 3D Augmented Reality for home furnishings

The Ashley HomeStore AR furniture app uses View In Room Augmented Reality (AR) to allow customers to preview a wide selection of Ashley Furniture products in their own home. The app empowers customers to determine whether items will fit in their space, or how new furniture will match with the existing pieces already decorating the room. Ashley’s mobile solution uses the exact same 3D products that power the in-store Ashley 360 Virtual Reality tool, with the flexibility of the 3D Cloud™ content management system making it easy to share 3D product models across customer touch points.

Pick and place furniture into context using Augmented Reality

The Ashley HomeStore AR furniture app features an enhanced mobile shopping experience that uses View In Room Augmented Reality (AR) to help users view Ashley products in their own home. Customers can search, browse and shop thousands of furniture and home decor items, then preview selections by hitting the “View it in your home” button to launch the Augmented Reality viewing experience. The AR feature renders photo-realistic 3D models of products into the scene being captured by the iPhone camera. Users can verify a piece will fit, and that it will match the existing decor of the room.

Ashley Homestore AR Furniture AppARKit, ARCore and even more

Ashley wanted to be first with an AR furniture app of this quality and scale, and Marxent delivered with a WebKit application built on the 3D Cloud™ platform – before iOS 11 and ARKit were available. A WebKit application gave Ashley access to the broadest base of current generation device users and allowed them to start learning about how their customers would use AR.

There were also other factors. For instance, Ashley wanted to be able to use AR to illustrate how items that hang on a wall (clocks, art, etc.) would look in a real room, making wall tracking a must-have feature. Marxent’s proprietary View In Room AR solution includes wall tracking, while early releases of Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore did not.

For retailers now looking to develop an app, Marxent is building custom and white-label apps with our proprietary markerless AR platform for all current generation devices as well as for ARKit and ARCore — or all three for maximum reach.

Ashley uses AR to help customers buy big ticket items with confidence and ease

The Ashley AR furniture app offers convenience and flexibility when making furniture and home decor purchase decisions. By viewing items in Augmented Reality before they buy, customers can visualize how the furniture or accessories will look in their space. This experience builds buyer confidence and reduces remorse and the profit-sapping returns that come with it. The Ashley AR furniture app then makes order fulfillment a snap by offering in-home delivery, free small parcel shipping, and the option for customers to pick up purchases from an Ashley warehouse. Through every step of the customer journey, the Ashley HomeStore app is there to keep customers engaged with and excited by about the process.

How the Ashley HomeStore AR furniture app works:

  1. Users download the Ashley HomeStore app from the iTunes App Store.
  2. Once installed, the app is used to browse the full range of Ashley Furniture products — couches, love seats, tables, bedroom sets, accessories and more.
  3. To preview a specific item in AR, the user touches the “View it in your home” button, which launches an AR visualization window and draws the item into the scene.
  4. Users can manipulate the 3D product, moving it around to get an idea of whether it will fit the space and match the existing decor.
  5. An additional 3D mode allows the user to focus extensively on the selected furniture, viewing it up close and from any angle.
  6. Once the customer settles on a piece, they can proceed to checkout and purchase directly from the HomeStore app.

3D Cloud™ works for retailers

Major retailers such as Ashley Furniture rely on the 3D Cloud™ suite of products platform is robust, mature and built for retail. Publication options include custom branded apps (white label) or integration into an existing mobile app (SDK).

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