AZEK 4.0 Augmented Reality Android App

This Augmented Reality Android app helps customers see how decking and railing projects look in their own backyards.
AZEK 4.0 Augmented Reality app

See how Azek is using 3D Cloud™ for home improvement.

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AZEK 4.0 Augmented Reality app

See how Azek is using 3D Cloud™ for home improvement.

AZEK Building Products app now on Android

Already a hit with Apple iPad users, The AZEK Building Products app is now available to Android owners prepping for their next big renovation. Just added to the Google Play store, AZEK’s app is indispensable for brainstorming, designing and visualizing an outdoor decking project, giving homeowners peace of mind as they debate what can be a costly upgrade.

How to use the AZEK Building Products app

You’ll be designing the deck of your dreams after a few simple clicks. Download the Visualization Marker from AZEK’s website, position it where you plan to renovate, aim your Android tablet, and start virtually adding decking and rails using the 3D Visualizer. Keep swapping designs and color schemes until you hit upon the perfect look, then share your unique home renovation plan with friends online and soak up the positive feedback.

Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality? The AZEK app does both

Consumers continue to fall in love with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences, and the AZEK Building Products app was designed to give users the choice of how to use it. Want Augmented Reality? Download a printable Visualization Marker (or having AZEK send an oversized marker free of charge), place the marker in the renovation location, point your tablet and start customizing. Users who desire a Virtual Reality experience can skip the real world entirely and jump right into designing a project from the ground up.

A world of customization at your fingertips

The AZEK Building Products app gives the user a wealth of options to deliver a unique, personalized experience. The app allows for the customization of color schemes, patterns, designs — every element is up to you. The only limit to what you can design with the AZEK app is your imagination.

What is 3D Cloud™, the virtual products platform?

3D Cloud™ is the only proven virtual products platform and CMS for Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences. 3D products allows for upload of 3D models, along with management and maintenance of thousands of objects and products (SKUs). Using Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality views and advanced content management, 3D Cloud™ is a powerful sales tool designed to empower shoppers with design tools and assist in visualizing and buying semi-custom products.  Learn more about 3D Cloud™.

3D Cloud™ Augmented Reality platform
Get more info on 3D Cloud™, the Augmented Reality + Virtual Reality platform for retailers and manufacturers. Call Beck Besecker at 727.851.9522.
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