Office Depot 3D Room Designer

The Office Depot 3D Room Designer is bringing 3D room design to and Virtual Reality to office furniture retail.
Office Deport 3D Room Designer

Shopping for office furniture just got much lot easier thanks to 3D visualization for iPad and VR.

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Office Deport 3D Room Designer

Shopping for office furniture just got much lot easier thanks to 3D visualization for iPad and VR.

Office Depot is meeting the future head on

Office Depot is well-known for specializing in — you guessed it — office supplies. A few years ago, CEO Gerry P. Smith had the realization that the company would not survive if they stayed exclusively a retailer, and the company began trying to find a set of services that would suit their customer base. As the first part of a pivot from office supply retailer to a broader business services and technology products platform, Office Depot purchased CompuCom and used it to launch business services provider BizBox.

BizBox is designed for small businesses, which pay a monthly fee for access to payroll services, HR functions, legal advice, marketing, branding and more. A vital part of the BizBox strategy, the Office Depot 3D Room Designer empowers customers to pick and place photo-realistic 3D models of office furniture into an approximation of the customer’s real-world space by using a combination of iPad design app and 3D Virtual Reality visualization.

The company has also begun renovating flagship stores, providing a major facelift while deemphasizing office products in favor of business services. Some stores already feature conference rooms and cubicle areas, where customers can get stuff done while also taking advantage of BizBox services.

“Office Depot has been a partner and resource for small business owners since 1986. We have the ability to reach nine million small business customers through our touch points around the country. Uniting this deep expertise with the world-class IT services of CompuCom will help solve customer problems in a way few others are doing right now,” Smith explained in November. “The BizBox platform is an essential element of our commitment to innovation. We are energized to expand a business ecosystem of services, products and technology that builds on our legacy of helping small business owners succeed in a modern economy.”

Using 3D Virtual Reality to browse furniture

Office Depot makes it easy for customers to find the ideal furniture to fit their office space and their budget. A furniture specialist guides shoppers through the process, working with them to create a true-to-life representation of their office space, and then filling it with amazing 3D products that look real and fit exactly like they will in the real world. Items can be swapped on the fly, even as the shopper takes an up-close look at their hand-selected items while wearing an HTC Vive VR headset.

How Office Depot 3D Room Designer works:

  1. Upon entering an Office Depot, the customer is greeted by furniture specialist who helps narrow down what products they are interested in.
  2. There furniture expert works with the customer to create their virtual space using the Office Depot iPad design app. The most accurate results are achieved when actual room dimensions are available, as they can be plugged into the app — along with windows, doorways, wall colors and flooring — to create a true-to-life representation of the customer’s home.
  3. Once the space is created, the concierge and shopper select 3D models of Office Depot furniture offerings, mixing and matching desks, chairs, tables and more.
  4. The design phase now complete, the customer wears an HTC Vive VR headset networked to the iPad app and moves around the virtual space they just designed. The shopper then works with the furniture expert to evaluate their initial choices, and can request changes or swap out whole pieces of furniture on the fly while still in the VR experience.

Office Depot 3D Room Designer features

Office Depot’s 3D Room Designer is powered by 3D Cloud™ platform, which provides a dynamic and personalized experience for each customer. How personalized? The iPad design experience makes recreating the customer’s office space a breeze, while the products viewed in VR will look and fit the same way they do in real life. The “see it before you buy it” aspect of the Office Depot 3D Room Designer builds buyer confidence, which in turn helps eliminate buyer’s remorse — and the merchandise returns that comes with it.

  • Full-featured iPad application makes it simple to create realistic rooms and spaces.
  • A thousand products available at your fingertips.
  • Crazy customizable! Swap out spaces, colors, furniture, finishes and more.
  • Gorgeous 3D products look as good as their real-life counterparts.
  • VR visualization helps ensure furniture will fit in real-world spaces.

Where to see Office Depot 3D Room Designer in action?

The Office Depot 3D Room Designer is currently available to customers in Austin, Texas, with a second location in Los Gatos, California opening in May.

Office Depot 3D Room Designer runs on 3D Cloud™

The Office Depot 3D Room Designer is a tool for building buyer confidence and increasing post-sale satisfaction. The incorporation of Virtual Reality into the sales process shows Office Depot’s commitment to future-proofing their business while also adapting to the changing needs of their clients.

  • Virtual Reality provides a differentiated, emotional and exciting customer experience.
  • Allows customer to see what furniture will look like in their office space before they buy.
  • Reduces friction in the buying process by building confidence in purchases — i.e., the customer knows a piece will fit before it’s even delivered.
  • Gives customers a new way to work collaboratively and personalize their furniture shopping experience.
  • Encourages the purchase of additional pieces that compliment item customer was originally interested in.

What is 3D Cloud™?

3D Cloud™ is the award-winning cloud-based content management system and suite of Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions for manufacturers, retailers and homebuilders. A proven solution designed to bring the power and persuasion of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to everything from shopping for a home to furnishing a home, 3D Cloud™ AR and VR experiences scale to the enterprise, build buyer confidence and deliver sales.

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