Toll Brothers Kitchen 360 – 3D Cloud™ VR Showroom

Toll Brothers' 3D Virtual Reality app helps home buyers personalize and visualize their new kitchen.
Toll Brothers Kitchen 360

See how Toll Brothers is using 3D Cloud™ to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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Toll Brothers Kitchen 360

See how Toll Brothers is using 3D Cloud™ to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Toll Brothers Kitchen 360 – An innovative Virtual Reality shopping experience

Toll Brothers Kitchen 360, powered by Marxent’s 3D Cloud™, is a Virtual Reality visualization app that lets home buyers explore a floor plan, personalize a kitchen, and view their selections in 360-degree Virtual Reality. A home buyer starts by using the Kitchen 360 iPad app to choose from dozens of floor plans. The next step is to hand-pick features from an extensive selection of flooring, countertops, finishes, hardware and more. The final configuration is then viewed in photo-realistic Virtual Reality.

Using 3D Virtual Reality to visualize a new kitchen

Toll Brothers Kitchen 360 allows home buyers to create and preview a personalized new kitchen. The process starts at the Toll Brothers sales center, where an associate walks them through a variety of floor plans and has them complete a simple style quiz. Once the customer has gone to contract, they visit the Toll Brothers design studio where they can personalize almost every aspect of the new kitchen. Selections complete, they can then don a VR headset to walk thorough and examine the details of their fully personalized kitchen.

How Kitchen 360 works

  1. A prospective home buyer visits a select Toll Brothers sales center that features Kitchen 360 and works with a trained sales associate.
  2. Using a white label Toll Brothers iPad app, the buyer takes a quick style quiz and selects a floor plan to generate a kitchen in their preferred style. The buyer can then view that floor plan in Virtual Reality using an HTC Vive, or use the magic window iPad VR experience built into the app.
  3. Once under contract, the buyer visits a Toll Brothers design studio where they use the Kitchen 360 app to personalize their kitchen with specific appliances, hardware and color options, and more.
  4. The home buyer again dons an HTC Vive, this time relating specific changes to the Toll Brothers sales associate, who can alter the VR scene instantly, and offer additional product and design suggestions to further improve the experience.
  5. The entire Kitchen 360 experience can be mirrored to a flat-screen TV, which allows larger groups to participate and be involved in the design process.

Toll Brothers Kitchen 360

Kitchen 360 Features

Kitchen 360 is powered by 3D Cloud™ platform, to provide a dynamic and personalized experience for each customer. How much can a buyer control? For the initial pilot, there are 29 fully configured floor plans with 619 kitchen variations. Features ranging from islands and backsplashes to countertops, sinks cabinets and paint options can be personalized in real time, for a total of 29 quadrillion possible combinations.

  • See every variant of every floor plan that is available.
  • Prospective home buyers can change everything from the floor plan to individual products within the kitchen on the fly.
  • Changes are published to 3D Virtual Reality within seconds.
  • Custom analytics allow Toll Brothers to drive future decisions based on user behavior.
  • Can be used with a VR headset or with magic window mode on an iPad.

Kitchen 360 Benefits

Kitchen 360 continues the Toll Brothers tradition of innovation. Their use of Virtual Reality visualization demonstrates their commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience.

  • Provides a differentiated, emotional and and exciting customer experience.
  • Allows the sales center to show how homes will look prior to delivery.
  • Potential to reduce the design timeline for new homes.
  • Reduces friction in the home buyer decision making process by building confidence.
  • Gives customers a new way to personalize their home.

Where to see Toll Brothers Kitchen 360

Toll Brothers Kitchen 360 is currently available at Toll Brothers model home centers in the Denver, Colorado area. For more information, visit Toll Brothers Kitchen 360 page.

What is 3D Cloud™?

3D Cloud™ is the award-winning cloud-based content management system and suite of Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions for manufacturers, retailers and homebuilders. 3D Cloud™ AR and VR experiences scale to the enterprise, build buyer confidence and deliver sales.

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Client Testimonial
"With Kitchen 360 buyers can step into their personalized kitchen and walk around. It creates a one-of-a-kind experience for each home buyer."
Jed Gibson, President of Toll Architecture, Toll Brothers

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