Office Furniture View In Room AR App

This View In Room Augmented Reality furniture app built for True Innovations lets users view every seam, perforation, and detail in photo-realistic AR.
Furniture Markerless Augmented Reality App

See how customers are using the new True Innovations app to preview furniture in amazing detail.

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Furniture Markerless Augmented Reality App

See how customers are using the new True Innovations app to preview furniture in amazing detail.

What is the Office Furniture Markerless Augmented Reality app?

When furniture wholesaler True Innovations, maker of La-z-boy and Serta office chairs, decided to set up shop at The High Point Market — the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world — they knew they needed a way to stand out among the more than 2000 exhibitors. Their solution: The True Innovations Furniture Markerless Augmented Reality app, an Augmented Reality application that allowed the company to show furniture buyers extensive variations on their product line without having to ship and accommodate endless products in a cramped exhibit booth. The app provided an eye-catching and memorable hook for the buyers who tried it, and helped event planners to contain shipping and event costs.

Why use an Augmented Reality app to showcase furniture at a trade show?

The True Innovations Furniture Markerless Augmented Reality app takes product visualization to its most realistic. Potential furniture buyers were able to preview every seam, perforation, and detail using Marxent’s photorealistic 3D models. It also provided an X-Ray mode, that allowed users to inspect the underlying construction and materials of a specific piece of furniture along with a demonstration of lumbar support animations.

This particular visualization tour provides support for channel partners by offering selectable brand templates, customizable features, and the ability to swap out any and every detail of the experience.

Using an iPad and Augmented Reality to visualize furniture

The True Innovations app lets corporate furniture brands or buyers view chair details in stunning 3D through the use markerless Augmented Reality on an iPad, without any additional hardware. This immersive shopping experience facilitates the buying process in two way. First, shoppers engage with True products in a hands-on way that they control on an iPad. Second, shoppers can then view their selection at full size in their real-world environment using the app’s markerless AR mode.

  1. Buyers step into the True Innovations exhibit and engage with a sales associate.
  2. True Innovations can show one of two chairs — Serta or La-Z-Boy.
  3. View selected chair in VR mode, rotating and zooming to see up-close leather grain and stitching.
  4. View the chair at full size in AR mode.
  5. Tap hotspots to view additional information, and view animations that show the interior seat construction and motion of the lumbar support.

True Innovations La-Z-Boy Furniture AR app features

    • Admin panel currently lets True Innovations select between two brands
    • App is reskinned with the relevant brand imagery focusing on one brand at a time.
    • Smooth animation shows off 3D lumbar support.
    • Interior X-Ray view to check out internal components.
    • Markerless AR mode projects 3D products into real space.
    • VR mode for close up inspection of 3D products.

What is 3D Cloud™?

3D Cloud is the award-winning cloud-based content management system and suite of Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions for manufacturers, retailers and homebuilders. 3D Cloud™ AR and VR experiences scale to the enterprise, build buyer confidence and deliver sales.

3D Cloud™ for Furniture Retail
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