USG Virtual Reality iPad app with magic window

The USG Virtual Reality iPad app for in-field sales helps buyers visualize ceiling tile selections in context.
USG Virtual Reality iPad App with magic window brings VR visualization to the iPad.

Experience the magic window that layers 3D products into real world environments.

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USG Virtual Reality iPad App with magic window brings VR visualization to the iPad.

Experience the magic window that layers 3D products into real world environments.

What is the USG Virtual Reality iPad app?

Virtual Reality for ceiling tile sales?  True, it’s a high tech approach to selling a product that isn’t traditionally thought of as on the cutting edge. Powered by Marxent’s 3D Cloud™, the USG Virtual Reality iPad app with magic window is a proof-of-concept (PoC) application that enables the selection and purchase of acoustic ceiling tiles through a fully integrated and transformative visual selling tool. The app uses a VR magic window experience to layer 3D products into realistic 360-degree environments, showing customers the post-installation look of a new ceiling before the first tile is hung.

What is magic window view?

Magic window view is an iPad based VR technology used to provide immersive VR-grade content for customers who may not have VR hardware at hand. It supports 360-degree scenes that move around with you as you move the tablet device, exposing a 360-degree perspective. Basic VR view supports stereoscopic VR playback when used with Google Cardboard, but defaults to a simple “magic window” mode that works in mobile apps without any additional hardware.

How can an iPad app help me choose a new ceiling?

The USG Virtual Reality iPad app was developed with the goal of allowing the user to preview an acoustic tile installation in a realistic space. The app allows buyers to view the final product in a contextually relevant place — be it an office, lobby, or even a cafeteria. This helps the user get a clear picture of what the tiles will look like once installed. In a future iteration of this app, the high-fidelity 3D ceiling tile models will be paired with realistic audio, further adding to the realism.

How the USG VR iPad app works

The USG Virtual Reality iPad app with magic window helps buyers visualize their selections in context. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select from 3 different scenes — Cafeteria, Office and Lobby
  2. Choose from a variety of drop ceiling options to view in scene
  3. Move around the scene to get better visual and audio perspective on each type of tile
  4. Tap hotspots to get more information and see a picture of the selected ceiling type

USG Magic Window Virtual Reality iPad app

  • View products in a preconfigured scene where you can look around the room
  • Freedom of movement to look around room, viewing ceiling tiles from real-world angles
  • Share screenshots of scene with selected ceiling via email and social media
  • Newsletter signup options
  • VR mode for close up inspection of 3D products
  • AR mode projects 3D products into real space

3D Cloud™ is the AR/VR Platform for Products and Spaces

3D Cloud™ is the only proven 3D virtual products platform and content management system for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences. 3D products allows for upload of 3D models, along with management and maintenance of thousands of objects and products (SKUs). Using Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality views and advanced content management, 3D Cloud™ is a powerful sales tool designed to empower shoppers with design tools and assist in visualizing and buying semi-custom products.  Learn more about 3D Cloud™

3D Cloud™ for Retail
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