These Augmented Reality CES 2014 concepts reveal much about what’s ahead in Augmented Reality for consumer engagement. There is so much cool, so much yet-to-be done and yet-to-be-imagined. We invite you to watch these five videos illustrating some of the most remarkable demos of the event. They will spark your Augmented Reality imagination, create a sense of wonderment and help you to envision leading-edge Augmented Reality marketing strategies for campaigns, multi-channel retail experiences and live events.

1) Qualcomm Vuforia Smart Terrain™

We saw it first at Uplinq 2013 and fell in love. A new feature of the Qualcomm Vuforia Augmented Reality SDK, Smart Terrain™ allows developers to create apps that can see real world objects, calculate the dimensions of the objects and produce visuals to interact with them. Smart Terrain brings complex game physics into the real world.

2) Augmented Television from SeeSpace InAiR

This visionary product from SeeSpace adds what they call a Minority Report-style Internet content layer to the television viewing experience. When viewed in 3D mode, the Internet content layer appears to hover in front of the television screen. The company has raised over $100k on Kickstarter to fund their product development efforts.

3) The Modiface Makeup Mirror

A nod to the certain future of virtual trial, the Modiface 3D Augmented Reality Beauty Mirror was hailed by Mashable as the tool that could transform beauty product shopping. Sure to take the awkwardness and uncertainty out of new cosmetic purchases, the experience uses a photorealistic tap-to-try model that shows before and after screens of color and product applications in real-time.

4) Innovega iOptik™ Augmented Reality contact lenses

The Innovega iOptik™ contact lenses bring new meaning to the notion of vision correction. The lenses comprise half of a two-part system and act as correctional lenses in addition to turning into Augmented Reality screens when paired with Innovega’s companion eyewear. Instead of requiring an external screen in front of the glasses, the AR contact lens makes it possible to discreetly multitask. The company is suggesting uses that range from security and healthcare to individual fitness and travel.

5) Intriguing wearables from Epson, Lumus and crowd-funded startups

Wearable technology was all the rage at CES 2014, with everything from GPS shoulder pads and tweeting shoes to a spectacular assortment of Augmented Reality wearables. GlassUp, a crowd-funded pre-Google Glass concept was on display along with the Lumus DK40, Epson’s Moverio BT200 and Ora-S AR eyewear from Optinvent. The favorite of the show, Lumus has eliminated the need for a protruding Google Glass-like cube. Instead, they have actual glass lenses with a special prism-embedded coating. The glasses still have an Android computer attached to the temple.