Augmented Reality App Developer - Vuforia & Unity 3-D

If you’re considering Augmented Reality, for a marketing campaign, live event display, POS or business tool then you’ve found the perfect AR development partner. Marxent Labs is a Vuforia AR preferred vendor and Unity 3D expert. Our extensive mobile and Augmented Reality experience includes game development, gesture recognition, Virtual Reality and enterprise app management.

Augmented Reality app development: How long does it take?

We are ready to take your Augmented Reality project from creative concept to launch in as little as 6-8 weeks. How do we work so quickly? Our extensive experience working with Vuforia AR and Unity 3D certainly helps. To accelerate development, we provide a series of customizable AR templates in addition to custom development.

How AR app templates work

Augmented Reality app templates are collections of pre-made, pre-tested components that enable us to produce Augmented Reality apps flawlessly and efficiently. Your team selects target types and AR effects, then provides brand assets. Our team assembles it into a functional end-to-end user experience and installs the app on designated devices or publishes the app to the app store(s) of your choice.

1) Pick AR target types

We help you to identify AR targets that will provide the highest quality AR experience for end users. Choose from a wide range of target types such as text, printed content, t-shirts, packaging, product labels, signage, displays or promo items. Image recognition often translates from one target type to another. For instance, you can launch the same experience off of both a poster and a t-shirt.

2) Select AR effects

Customizable AR app templates provides for a range of amazing AR effects. Choose 2D or 3D animations or content, x-ray effect, video launch, green screen video, promo codes, games, coupons and more.

3) Pick app platforms

Depending on the use case,  you may choose to develop the app for ether or both Android and iOS; have it installed on specific devices; publish it to one or more app stores;  or to provide downloads only from a landing page.

4) Provide brand assets

Whether you have existing brand assets and marker creative developed, are developing new creative in-house or need a hand from our creative team, we will provide you with all necessary requirements.

Creating the AR app experience

When you go with a customizable AR template, it looks and feels surprisingly custom. Even our most basic customizable AR template packages include customizable elements such as a branded splash screen, social sharing and a branded app icon.

The basic app experience always includes end-to-end user experience design in addition to the features listed below. Premium features include features such as an app landing page, in-app analytics, push notifications, content management and game mechanics.

Basic AR app features

  • End-to-end user experience design
  • AR camera view w/ user tips
  • Menu navigation
  • Branded splash screen
  • Instructions screen
  • About us screen
  • Social sharing
  • App icon
  • App store content
  • App submission

Premium AR app features

  • App landing page
  • In-app analytics
  • Notifications
  • Game mechanics
  • Promo codes
  • Content management
  • Hosting services
  • App updates
  • Games
  • Targeting
  • Personalization
  • API integrations
  • Data services
  • Ecommerce
  • Mobile webkit
  • Sweepstakes