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MxT Tracking

Marxent’s MxT Tracking vs. ARKit:
A Q&A with Dr. Ken Moser, PhD

We go in depth with Marxent's Ken Moser, PhD, to explore how AR tracking works and why there is still room for improvement.

Year in Review

2017: The Year in Review – Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality News and Trends

Apple's ARKit, a flood of retailers embracing Augmented reality, and an explosion of content made 2017 a memorable year for Augmented & Virtual Reality.


Diminished Reality will have as much power as AR for retailers

Marxent CEO Beck Besecker explains Diminished Reality in this guest piece for VentureBeat.

Casual Living

The Future is 3-D – What Apple’s ARKit means for the furniture industry

Casual Living talked to Marxent CEO Beck Besecker for an insider's prospective on the effect ARKit is having on the furniture industry.

2018 Synapse Innovation Summit

2018 Synapse Innovation Summit – Virtual Reality Speaker

This year's event will feature two days of learning, exploring and celebrating the possibilities in technology and innovation.

Shoptalk 2018 - Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Shoptalk 2018 – Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Demos

Marxent will be on-site at Shoptalk 2018, hosting private demos of the latest advances in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for furniture retailers. Set up a meeting today!

In Reality Podcast

2018 Predictions: Baseless Speculation |
The In Reality Podcast

Marxent's In Reality Podcast features industry news, commentary, and perspective from AR/VR veterans and experts.

How to build trust

7 ways to build trust in your company |
Marxent @ Work

Say "trust me" all you want, but actions speak louder than words. Building trust in your customers starts with delivering on your promises.

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