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Company Culture


Make mistakes. You might learn something

Make mistakes – you might learn something A company’s culture ultimately dictates how much risk the employees are willing to take. The… continue reading


Use these 3 tips to get more out of meetings

Do we really need a meeting? I’m not the biggest fan of meetings. When you schedule a meeting, think about… continue reading

Leading with questions

Get more out of meetings by leading with questions

To ask or not to ask? That is the question Do you remember that kid in class who always raised… continue reading

Feedback is Love

Work culture: Feedback is love. Worry when it stops.

My dad was an accomplished high school basketball coach for 20 years. He had a number of “coachisms” that I… continue reading

Brilliance Stupidity

Work culture: “That’s a stupid idea, boss”

If you’ve ever been in a meeting where a senior executive is being briefed on a project, you’re likely familiar… continue reading

Culture at work

Work culture: The video game test

Marxent @ Work is a monthly column on company culture from the Marxent team.   A few weeks ago, I… continue reading

Not I Am, but We Are

Work culture: Success is only real when shared

One of my favorite books is “Into the Wild,” a story based on the life of Christopher McCandless. After graduating… continue reading

Open office space

Work Culture: Empty Offices

I’ve worked in two different corporate environments where office space has been coveted and treated as a commentary on individual… continue reading

Give thanks

Thank you. We mean it.

About five years ago, the Besecker brothers cooked up a wild scheme. They wanted to make cool stuff while building… continue reading


What’s your 90-day plan?

Want to make a good impression in your new or current job? Focus on what you can accomplish within the… continue reading


7 ways to build trust in your company | Marxent @ Work

Trust is at the heart of any good company Trust is the main pillar supporting any good company. Leadership must… continue reading


Don’t let words overwhelm meaning

Jargon: What’s another word for lingo? Working in high-tech industries like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality necessitates the use of… continue reading