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Soon after beginning my sales and marketing internship at Marxent Labs, I read a Harvard Business Review article entitled “Hitting the Intergenerational Sweet Spot.”  “Give [millenials] the power to quickly initiate and implement innovative ideas and engagement will follow,” the author suggested. This is exactly what Marxent Labs does and it’s why I think that they offer the best sales and marketing internship in Tampa Bay.

Prior to joining Marxent, I interned at Raymond James Financial. It was a good experience in that I didn’t do too much filing and I never had to make a pot of coffee. Marxent Labs offers so much more than that. Here are the three ways in which working here will change the way that you think about internships.

1. Learn new things every day.

When it comes to the tech side of app development I might as well be a foreigner in a different country. At Marxent I have had tour guides that made it feel like home. I am a hyper-connected millennial but when I started here, I was clueless about app development and Augmented Reality. I’ve received an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement from co-workers. No matter what my question, there is someone readily available to answer it. I’ve never once been made to feel that a question was silly. Everyone goes out of their way to be genuinely helpful.

2. Make meaningful contributions.

The purpose of an internship is to gain experience but sometimes the only thing interns get to experience is running errands. At Marxent, I get to work with people who have extensive and impressive work portfolios and to share an open workspace with the CEO and Director of Marketing. As an intern in a larger corporate environment, the amount of interaction I would have with these people would likely be limited to coffee deliveries. This open environment has allowed me to quickly ramp up and make tangible and meaningful contributions to the business. It is clear that they consider me to be a valuable team member.

3. Talk openly about innovation and ideas.

As a millennial grad, I lack experience and expected to put in my due time of grunt work. What I ended up in was one of the most stimulating and encouraging environments imaginable. Working at a start-up I’ve found that from the intern to the CEO, ideas and creative input can be humdrum or extraordinary. We are encouraged to always be ideating. The air of innovation at Marxent puts your brain in a mode that never clocks-in or out. Everyone on the team has a similar twinkle in their eyes, looking for what’s next, how can it be made better and when will it be possible. There is an incredible sense of alliance as every project is the product of combined efforts.

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