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Welcome to the latest post in our “Employee Q&A” series, where we interview an employee to reflect on their career and experience at 3D Cloud™ by Marxent. Part of our success is mainly due to our people. So, we’re excited to feature a hardworking team member to learn about their journey at 3D Cloud.

This week, we spotlight Laisha Daley, Head of Product Marketing at 3D Cloud. Let’s read on to learn more!

Laisha, how did you find out about 3D Cloud?

I have to give credit to Jeff Mount for introducing me to 3D Cloud. Jeff and I worked together at another company for several years, but quite some time had passed after he left. When we reconnected in 2021, what amazed me was how much he remembered about me, including my interests and passions outside of work. He cared enough to remember the little things, even after all that time.

After hearing about 3D Cloud, how the company was growing, and that they needed good people to take it to the next level, I was intrigued. I had an informational interview with Beck and then got to meet Barry and a few more team members. We aligned on the role that would leverage my unique strengths and make a positive impact on the company, and I joined the company in January 2022.

What is your current role at 3D Cloud now? What does it consist of?

I live at the intersection of Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Customer Delivery, and Partner Success. As Head of Product Marketing, I am accountable and responsible for the following:

  • Sales Operations: 1) Equipping our Sales team with the latest materials and information about our 3D Cloud platform, products and capabilities, pricing, etc. 2) Conducting product demos and developing proposals with our Sales team. 3) Collaboration with our Customer Delivery & Partner Success teams for onboarding, project kickoff, QBRs, and ongoing client health reviews. 4) Working with our CEO, CRO, and Finance team on reviewing deals and ensuring a clean sales pipeline and forecast.


  • Product Marketing: 1) Working with the Product Management team on product roadmaps, 2) Planning and executing the commercialization of new products and/or capabilities in the market. 3) Creating and/or contributing to thought leadership, like our 3D Project Planning Resource Center 4) Testing out our 3D apps before they go live (one of my favorite things!) 5) Working with our Sales & Marketing team on industry events.

Can you give a brief overview of your background?

My career is a tapestry, with each experience woven together to bring me to where I am today. After graduating from college, I spent a decade in Consulting, specializing in Internal Audit, Enterprise Risk Management, and Merger & Acquisition integration projects. On the surface, this seems like a far cry from the work I do today, but oftentimes I was responsible for auditing a company’s “Quote to Cash” (revenue) process. Now wearing the “Sales Ops” hat, I have accountability and responsibility for driving part of that process (with much love and respect for our Finance team)!

After consulting, I took on a Project Management role, which then led to Product Management at that same company. For several years I was the Lead Product Manager of a SaaS insights & measurement platform, with responsibility for defining product roadmaps based on customer input, working with scrum teams (Product Owner, Scrum Master, UX designers, software engineers, data engineers, and QA) on delivery, and collaborating with cross-functional stakeholders like Sales, Customer Success, Finance, Procurement, Marketing, etc. when it came time to launch new products and capabilities.

What I have learned is that nothing in your career is ever wasted! Each experience and career pivot has served in making me a more well-rounded leader.

What is one thing that surprised you about your current role?

Not necessarily a surprise, but one thing that I had to get up to speed on quickly was the ins and outs of 3D Content, our philosophy, and approach to content modeling, and to improve how we address this topic in the sales process. 3D content is the lifeblood that powers many 3D experiences, and we are blessed with a team that possesses the depth and breadth of experience with 3D modeling. They continuously improve our company’s ability to balance realism, real-time performance, and modeling costs so that our clients receive the best. I have a great deal of admiration and respect for our 3D Content team.

What do you like most about the work we do at 3D Cloud?

Our company has built this incredible “fly-wheel.” A 3D experience platform that was architected and built with scalability and extensibility in mind, the clients and partnerships forged over time, the data that closes the loop and demonstrates a strong ROI for our customers, and a high caliber team who is passionate about ensuring successful outcomes for our customers. I often pinch myself that I GET TO work here.

Personally, our 3D platform and applications allow me to combine real-life experiences of planning, designing, and purchasing products and leveraging those experiences to convey how our platform meets customer needs in a way that can be understood.

“I often pinch myself that I GET TO work here.” – Laisha Daley, Head of Product Marketing at 3D Cloud™ by Marxent

My husband and I have done a lot of our own home projects over the years, from “easy” projects like removing wallpaper and painting to “moderately difficult” projects like installing flooring, crown molding, or a small bathroom update, and even projects like a kitchen renovation, which requires a lot of planning & coordination. This gives me empathy and understanding of the customer buying journey and the ability to convey how our 3D platform and applications not only reduce friction in that journey but also provide higher quality leads to their design teams and store associates.

Are there any home projects you’ve completed recently or are working on now?

My husband and I tend to do one big project and one smaller project per year. Last year, we invested in new impact windows and hurricane fabric and a small update to our kids’ bathroom. This year, we are replacing our front door and planning to install new flooring throughout most of our house. I have many more home projects to tackle, though!

How would you describe your direct team culture?

As a leader within the Go To Market (GTM) team, it is upon me to help create an environment where our Sales team is equipped with everything they need to be successful and where they feel comfortable asking questions and/or asking for help. We’re very much a hard-working team with a desire to help clients and prospects and learn from one another.

What is something that you learned about yourself in the past year?

I really enjoy meeting with clients and prospective clients, listening and learning about what is important to them, their vision for 3D experiences, and also where they are encountering challenges and pain points. I love showing them the power of our 3D platform and applications and seeing their excitement and engagement when we discuss new innovations.

“I love showing them the power of our 3D platform and applications and seeing their excitement and engagement when we discuss new innovations.” – Laisha Daley, Head of Product Marketing at 3D Cloud™ by Marxent

Some of the work you do can be challenging. What keeps you grounded and energized?

My faith and my family keep me grounded, without a doubt. As for things that energize me, I am fairly active in the community and with my kids’ extracurricular activities. I serve as a vocalist on the worship team at my church, “team mom” for my son’s baseball team, engage with kids’ school events, and volunteer with charitable organizations like Pinellas Education Foundation and Connect-IT 360. There’s a reason why I carry around a “Wonder Woman” mug, ha! In all honesty, I would not be able to achieve even a fraction of what I do without the support and partnership of my husband.


Thank you, Laisha, for taking the time to share your career journey and experiences at 3D Cloud™ by Marxent. As your Lead would say, “Laisha is the glue that keeps our GTM engine running!”

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