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The character of our employees defines us

Every individual possesses a unique story and perspective on the world. Every company is different, too, and it’s the character of the employees and the culture that they create together that defines an organization. Marxent is made up of people of from diverse backgrounds, skill levels, education and disciplines, but everyone from the CEO down to the interns has a voice and is expected to share and contribute.

The people who work here are what make Marxent a great place to work. We created How We Got Here (HWGH), a continuing series featuring Marxent staffers talking about the personal journey that led them to join Marxent.  Why a video series? We encounter a lot of prospects who may be talented, skilled and love to have fun at work. But making the choice to join an early stage venture can be difficult for some. We wanted to introduce prospective hires to folks from the diverse backgrounds and disciplines who have made the decision to join Marxent.

“When the company first got started, we asked every single employee two questions: Who’s your favorite superhero, and what’s your favorite movie?,”said Marketing Creative Director Joe Johnson. “It didn’t necessarily tell us anything about how they’d do the job, but that conversation helped us get to know something more personal about a candidate. We care about who you are. Everyone’s story is interesting.”

Joe gathered a cross section of employees from across departments, and started quizzing them on camera about everything from previous job experience and major life lessons down to their favorite foods. “Everyone comes to Marxent from different places and I wanted to get an impression of those stories, rather than a really detailed narrative,” Joe says. “This process let us be funny, candid, and relaxed. Like everything we do at Marxent, it was designed to be high-speed, low-drag.”

So, how did we get here? Allow us to explain:

Joe Bardi, Senior Content Strategist

Joe Bardi is Marxent’s resident news-hound, movie critic and frazzled parent who also goes by the official title of Senior Content Strategist. Originally from New York, but a proud resident of St. Petersburg, Florida since the late 1990s, Joe lives just north of downtown with his wife, Heidi, and their two small boys, Henry and Charlie. Before joining Marxent, Joe spent nearly a decade at Tampa’s Creative Loafing newspaper, then headed south to Sarasota for a two-year stint handling digital content and strategy for ABC 7 WWSB. Now back living and working in the Burg, he couldn’t be more excited about the future of everything. Is he delusional? Perhaps. But he doesn’t know, so don’t tell him.

Julius Edraisa, 3D Artist

Julius Edraisa, of Marxent’s Content Team, is a 3D Artist and soccer enthusiast who believes he can play real-life soccer if only because he has mastered the video game FIFA 16. Before working at Marxent, Julius manned a Production Assistant position with indie company Giant Sparrow, running through builds day in and day out as internal QA. Having seen 3D Asset creation first-hand, he decided to go back to school to learn 3D, graduating from Art Institute of California – San Diego with a focus in Game Modeling.

Megan Gray, Human Resources Manager

Megan Gray is Marxent’s gluten-free, wannabe marathon running, Human Resources Manager. (Just don’t call it “HR!”) Megan previously worked at Wright State University, as Vice President of Student Government, while also holding down various office jobs as a student worker — including one memorable stint at a tanning salon. Megan studied Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Management at WSU before coming to Marxent as an intern and creating her way into the role of Human Resources Manager.

Carlo Spagnola, Concept Artist

Carlo Spagnola is the mostly silent, ridiculously talented artist who produces the bulk of Marxent’s conceptual materials. He worked an assortment of odd jobs before coming to Marxent, which included working as a concept artist for a small game studio, an application developer for WorkXpress, and doing merchandising for Kellogg’s. Carlo studied Video Game Art and Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and still dabbles in freelance character concept art whenever he gets a free moment.

Jessi Sparks, Senior User Experience Designer

Jessi Sparks is Marxent’s Post-It loving, detail-obsessing, User Experience fanatic. Jessi’s on the Magnetic team, which means she loves all things digital and mobile — which includes what she calls a “a serious shutterbug addiction.” Before coming to Marxent, she previously worked at Wright State University, in the Office of Communications and Marketing as the University’s lead Web Designer. While there she oversaw the web content pipeline. Jessi studied Digital Arts and Arts Management at Bowling Green State University.

Vince Kilian, Product Manager

Vince Kilian is Marxent’s guitar-shredding, marathon-running Product Manager for our VisualCommerce™ platform. After earning his Bachelor’s in Computer Science for Game Art & Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Vince worked with the government as an artist and developer on enterprise resource planning systems. Before joining Marxent, Vince also co-founded Vice Studios, a small indie studio focused on fun, casual games.

Seth Cooper, Data Strategist

Seth Cooper is Marxent’s nomad­-at-­heart, forever-­student, Minnesotan on the Analytics team. He previously worked at Catalina Marketing as Director of Analytics before coming to Marxent. A lifetime learner, he studied Mathematics and Philosophy at Carleton College, Business at the University of Missouri, Spanish at Escuela Simon Bolivar and tries to stay on top of a few online programming courses from Coursera.

Kelsey Riviello, Project Manager

Kelsey Riviello won’t eat any seafood that isn’t popcorn shrimp and also happens to be a Project Manager at Marxent. She studied at Urbana College in Dayton, OH where she acquired her Bachelor’s in Marketing, and then just decided to get her MBA for funsies, you know.

Joe Johnson, Marketing Creative Director

Joe Johnson is Marxent’s cat-­loving, ADD, hippie, sci­-fi, gamer weirdo creative marketing director. He relocated to St Petersburg, Florida from Seattle where he previously worked at Microsoft on the Office 365 UI team. He studied American and British Literature at the University of South Florida before attending the Ringling College of Art and Design.

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