Marxent is built on the pursuit of new knowledge but staying on top of emerging technologies takes commitment. How do we do it? It all comes down to a team full of people who are curious by nature and hungry for knowledge. We hire folks who have tireless curiosity and enjoy finding ways to share their knowledge.

Go beyond what you know

At Marxent, the expectation for knowledge sharing is high. Employees are always expected to go beyond their current skillset to learn new technologies. Some learning is independent and some is directly from more experienced co-workers. Surrounded by team members of many different talents and educational backgrounds, it quickly becomes obvious how much there is to learn.

Always be teaching; always be learning

Recently, we started a weekly peer training session to enhance knowledge sharing and transfer among employees. The sessions topics such as cover design patterns for mobile software development, tips for making the most of various software development kits and best practices for working across different platforms.

Training across disciplines

It was my privilege to deliver the first session and I found myself preparing an impassioned sermon on industry best practices for Git, Marxent’s version control system of choice. When it comes both to version control and to public speaking, I have plenty of confidence. Still, the day of my training session, I was worried that nobody would pay attention or take it seriously. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The entire Dayton office attended my talk – developers, designers, managers and support staff alike. They were focused throughout the presentation and came with questions and examples related to real-world projects.

Why we take developing our developers seriously

Marxent’s leadership and its employees have their incentives aligned. The company benefits from being able to assign seasoned veterans to a wide variety of projects: iOS, Android, Unity, web development, visual and sound design, new hardware and research. The employees benefit as the company invests in cross-training.

Don’t get me wrong. We have fun, play video games and talk about superheroes at work but it takes talent, gumption and a love of learning to stay alive when it comes to staying on the leading edge.