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“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” —Phil Jackson

Welcome back to How We Got Here, a recurring video series that looks to shine a light on Marxent’s amazing staff and the disparate paths each employee traveled to arrive here at Marxent. Every Marxent employee has a story to tell and a perspective on the world to share. The Marxent team comes from diverse backgrounds, skill levels, education and disciplines, but everyone from the CEO down to the interns has a voice and is expected to share and contribute.

It’s the people that make Marxent a great place to work, which is why we created How We Got Here (HWGH), a continuing series featuring Marxent staffers talking about the personal journey that led them to join Marxent. Why a video series? We encounter a lot of prospects who may be talented, skilled and love to have fun at work. But making the choice to join an early stage venture can be difficult for some. We wanted to introduce prospective hires to folks from the diverse backgrounds and disciplines who have made the decision to join Marxent.

Marketing Creative Director Joe Johnson explained it this way: “When the company first got started, we asked every single employee two questions: Who’s your favorite superhero, and what’s your favorite movie? It didn’t necessarily tell us anything about how they’d do the job, but that conversation helped us get to know something more personal about a candidate. We care about who you are. Everyone’s story is interesting.”

This is now the second time we’ve gathered a cross-section of employees from across departments and interviewed them on camera about everything from previous job experience and major life lessons down to what’s on their desk. “Everyone comes to Marxent from different places and I wanted to get an impression of those stories, rather than a really detailed narrative,” Joe says. “This process let us be funny, candid, and relaxed. Like everything we do at Marxent, it was designed to be high-speed, low-drag.”

So, how did we get here? Allow us to explain:

Beck Besecker, CEO and Co-Founder

Marxent CEO Beck Besecker co-founded Marxent with his brother Barry back in 2011, and in this interview he talks about what it’s like to build a business from scratch, the advantages to working with family, and why he wanted to work in 3D visualization in the first place.

Rich Manno, E.V.P. of Goods & Services Transfer for Cash

E.V.P of Goods & Services Transfer for Cash Rich Manno has been with Marxent for about two years, and in this interview talks about how the company lured him to St. Petersburg, Florida from his beloved Atlanta, why he thrives in Marxent’s dynamic atmosphere, and the ins and outs of Fantasy Golf, which people definitely play.

Jeff Mount, Guru of New Vertical Integration

Guru of New Vertical Development Jeff Mount has been with Marxent for about eight months, and in this interview he talks about working on robotic vehicles for the offshore oil industry, why the consumer will drive VR adoption, and his deep and abiding love for all things surfing.

Want to see even more? Check out the original series of How We Got Here interviews from 2016.

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