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About five years ago, the Besecker brothers cooked up a wild scheme. They wanted to make cool stuff while building an enduring business that hummed with quality people. They wanted to wake up in the morning and bounce out of bed to come to work. They wanted to build a company that valued humans and embraced fun. It was important to them that every contributor be recognized at work and be given space to achieve their full potential.

And so they did it. The one-of-a-kind company that they have concocted over the past five years has room for creativity and embraces abilities instead of quashing them. Carlo Spagnola, a designer at Marxent, put it this way, “Marxent has ‘rescued’ me in a sense. I am humbled to be a part of this company.”

“I’ve had opportunities at Marxent that that I couldn’t get anywhere else,” said Joe Johnson, a seasoned designer at Marxent. “I trained as an illustrator, but this year alone I’ve been: a designer, a teacher, a researcher, an illustrator, a cinematographer, a director, a producer, a production assistant, a photographer, an audio engineer, a game designer, a 3D texture artist, a therapist, a writer, a photographer, a stylist, and I’m sure other things that I can’t remember doing at all.” Whew! That’s a list if I’ve ever seen one.

Today I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude for my friends and co-workers at Marxent. As you set out to enjoy the holidays this year, know that you are essential, you are appreciated and you are wonderful.

And here’s a nod to the many partners, spouses and furry friends who support their loved ones to work at Marxent. You are the best. Every single one of you make it possible for us to do what we do – and we love you for it.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Make it a good one.

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