Open and honest communication is the cornerstone of love. It creates trust which in turn makes relationships meaningful and rewarding. This lesson has been passed down through the ages, is written in countless books and poems and is echoed daily by parents and grandparents across the globe.  In fact, it is the number one reason that I love working at Marxent.

It can be easy to forget the importance of authentic, straightforward communication when interacting with coworkers and clients. The core value of constructive honesty can get lost and muddled in meaningless jargon like “finding synergy” or “managing expectations.” That Marxent values and celebrates constructive honesty has made my time here incredible.

Marxent embraces constant, genuine communication. The processes, accomplishments and special moments of teams and individuals are shared and acknowledged. People are encouraged to seek help and learn new things. The CEO and CTO have open-door policies and every Friday morning the entire company listens as each individual reports their achievements for the week. We eat lunch together often and have been known to host a mean office potlucks, gaming events and lively birthday parties.

Our teams work in spacious open plan offices with grouped desks, eliminating cubicles. There are no people hiding behind closed doors. The org chart is largely flat, inspiring connection, conversation, shared responsibility and transparency. All of this works to create a true sense of team unity that shines through when work is difficult and deadlines are tight.

This approach isn’t just internal. It is essential to how Marxent collaborates with clients and partners. Marxent developers prefer to meet with clients and partners in-person to imagine, customize, and deliver projects that defy reality, to really listen to and understand them. Active listening to partners helps us to collaborate meaningfully and deliver the best possible work.

So this Valentine’s Day, amongst the abundance of cutesy gifts and assorted chocolates, remember to bring a little love into the office. Talk to your co-workers, share your thoughts with leadership, listen to someone on your team with open ears. It’s good for business.