Edison Awards 2013 Nominee Marxent Labs

It’s been a fun year at Marxent Labs, chock full of creativity and innovation. One invention that caught the eye of the Edison Awards™ is the recently launched VisualCommerce® (now called 3D Cloud™) from Marxent Labs, the first Augmented Reality software service to connect print catalogs to e-commerce. VisualCommerce® is the ultimate catalog shopping utility. It uses mobile image recognition to make shopping from a catalog faster, easier and more fun.  Development of VisualCommerce® was spearheaded by Marxent CTO Barry Besecker, with support from team members Joe Johnson and Rusty Humfleet.

Named after Thomas Alva Edison,  the Edison Awards™ have recognized some of the most innovative new products, services and business leaders in America over the past 25 years. The Edison Awards symbolize the persistence and creativity of Thomas Edison, and is designed to honor the American drive toward innovation and ingenuity.

Ballard+ Catalog Companion App powered by VisualCommerce®