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We’re headed to the Cincinnati Innovation Xchange (IxCincy)

Cincinnati’s Innovation Xchange (IxCincy) is a catalyst for innovation in Ohio, connecting the best startups in the country with Cincinnati’s Fortune 500 companies. We’re proud to take part in events that show Ohio as a stand-out state when it comes to innovation and opportunities for early stage ventures. During the event, we will be sharing live demos of Marxent 3D Cloud™ Virtual Reality Design Studio & Showroom, the only enterprise-ready Virtual Reality SaaS for sales and marketing.

A Virtual Reality company in Ohio? Indeed.

Are you ready to experience Virtual Reality for enterprise digital marketing and retail – built entirely in Dayton, Ohio?  If you are, then plan to meet with Marxent’s Andy Wersel at the Cincinnati Innovation Xchange 2015. Even if you’re not sure how Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can help you to achieve your sales and marketing objectives, give it a whirl and we promise that you’ll see the potential.

Andy will be demoing the Marxent 3D Cloud™ Virtual Reality Design Studio & Showroom, an enterprise-ready GearVR Virtual Reality experience that is unparalleled. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to try GearVR and see the future of immersive and experiential digital marketing.

Let us build you a demo

If you’re charged with marketing innovation within your organization and have an Augmented or Virtual Reality idea that you’d like to prove out, companies attending the Cincinnati Innovation Xchange 2015 may qualify for a free Augmented or Virtual Reality demo to reflect the unique content and business objectives of your brand. Tell us about the marketing challenge that you’re looking to solve and we’ll see if it is a good fit.

We’ll see you at the Cincinnati Innovation Xchange 2015

Cincinnati Innovation Xchange
April 29-30, 2015
Cincinnati, Ohio

For media inquiries or to set up a 1:1 meeting, email