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Creative Works Conference 2017 – “Get Up Off the Floor”

Marxent and Magnetic sent a crew of designers and developers to Memphis in early October for the Creative Works Conference 2017. The event is a great opportunity to learn from and interact with some of the most influential and important designers and creatives working today. It was also a great chance for the Marxent/Magnetic team to spend time together away from the office during an extended weekend.

The Creative Works Conference 2017 was filled with inspiring talks and workshops — covering everything from new techniques for improving creative workflows and designing for social change, to a technical presentation on the critical skills necessary to draw cats using a pen attached to a pole.

Creative Works 2017

Yes, the cat-drawing thing really happened

The overall theme of the event was “Get Up Off the Floor.” As explained by illustrator Andy J. Miller, design can make a huge impact on the way we live and work, but we have to “get up” and put in the effort. It’s safe to say that the whole team left the event feeling inspired and energized to “make it happen.”

We couldn’t possibly capture everything from the event, but below are quotes and photos from the conference that stuck with our team long after we arrived back in Dayton:

Creative Works 2017

Service – Jesse Bryan

“Service leads to gratitude. Gratitude leads to excellence. Excellence leads to trust, and trust is the foundation of long-term success — in business and in life.” Jesse Bryan

Creative Works 2017

Conference Center – Creative Works Conference

“It’s important you thrive and be the creative energy the world needs right now. Be a picture of hope. If you’re not thriving, you can’t help the world thrive. You need to make sure your oxygen mask is on so you can contribute to help others.” Andy J. Miller

Creative Works 2017

A screen-printing station set up for attendees to make their own T-shirt.

Creative Works 2017

Guts – Super Team Deluxe

“The road to success is littered with abandoned Slack rooms and unused domain names.” Super Team Deluxe

Creative Works 2017

Create Change – Creative Works Conference

“Let design be your gateway drug to action.” Jessi Arrington

Creative Works 2017

Creative works at Creative Works

“Success is a river not a pie.” Jessi Arrington

Creative Works 2017

A passion project

“Make things for people, not for yourself.” Jesse Bryan

Creative Works 2017

It’s not work when you’re doing what you love

“You have your craft, talent, and expertise. Determine your mission.” Atoinette D. Carroll

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