New Retail 3D Content Webinar - Marxent

By now you’ve heard of “New Retail,” defined by Alibaba founder Jack Ma as a seamless merger of offline, online and logistics for a dynamic new world of retailing. 3D Content is a key part of any New Retail strategy, but how do you know the assets you’re buying today will serve future needs? Marxent has the answers. Get Ready for New Retail: How to Futureproof 3D Content for What’s Next was designed exclusively for furniture retailers who want to stay competitive, and takes a deep dive into the details of how to futureproof a 3D content investment.

Watch the presentation:

Topics include:

  • How to ensure a smart investment in 3D content – 5 key factors that go into futureproofing your 3D content investment
  • The role of 3D in the buying journey
  • The cost of 3D content
  • Approaches to balancing visual quality with app performance
  • Differences between real-time and pre-baked 3D content
  • How Amazon is using 3D to sell furniture

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