Mentoring @ Marxent - Drew Friend Letter

This week we enjoyed hosting Drew Friend, a local 10-year-old video game developer, for lunch and demos in our Dayton office. Drew came and spent the day with our engineering and design team, tested out Oculus Rift and wowed us with his own game. After reading a story about Marxent in the Dayton Daily News, he wrote us a letter a few months ago that inspired us to bring him in for a meeting – and his mom Shannon was willing to do anything to make it happen.

Drew’s letter made us all remember the days of being curious kids with a passion and a thirst for finding friends and mentors that appreciated our curiosity and potential – no matter how oddball it seemed to our peers or parents. Drew, thanks for writing to us and joining us for a day of fun. Let us know when you’re ready for an internship. To Dave Larsen at the Dayton Daily News, know that your work is inspiring kids around Dayton to pursue their dreams and curiosities.