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VisualCommerce™: Virtual Reality made by humans, for humans

VisualCommerce Made by Humans for Humans

Virtual Reality that puts humans first

From who we are to how we build Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions, Marxent’s team of 50+ engineers, project managers and 3D artists always put humans first. Whatever you’ve heard about people who live in Ohio (or Florida), it’s probably true. We are honest, quirky, hard-working and get down to business. We like to make things that are easy and fun to use and that solve real problems. Most importantly, we listen to our partner-customers and to each other.  Our strategy of always putting humans first is why we were named one of Dayton’s Best Places to Work of 2015.

Ask a Virtual Reality expert

Because we’re always looking for the sweet spot where technology and the human experience intersect, we thought that you’d like to meet some of our resident experts. If you have a burning question, send it to us! If you’re lucky, it may get featured in our Ask a Virtual Reality Expert series.

Vince Kilian, AR/VR Team Lead

Vince Kilian is Marxent’s AR/VR team lead and the product manager for VisualCommerce™ 3D Virtual Reality Design Studio & Showroom. His experience includes building and testing AR/VR apps, managing AR/VR projects and hiring AR/VR team members.


Patrice Hall, AR/VR Sr. Marketing Strategist

Patrice Hall is Marxent’s AR/VR senior marketing strategist and events manager for VisualCommerce™ 3D Virtual Reality Design Studio and Showroom. Her responsibilities include designing and executing live AR/VR experiences for SXSW, Augmented World Expo and other major marketing technology events.


What is VisualCommerce™?

Marxent’s VisualCommerce™ Virtual Reality Design Studio and Showroom makes entire 3D product inventories accessible and configurable within real-world environments. A powerful sales tool, VisualCommerce™ is designed to empower shoppers with confidence and efficiency when visualizing high-consideration purchases. Learn more about VisualCommerce™.

We’re hiring 3D artists, Unity 3D developers and more

If you’re a mobile software engineer, Unity 3D developer, 3D artist, front-end designer developer or you just think that you’d like to work at Marxent, apply here.

Talk to the Virtual Reality experts

To learn more about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications for sales and marketing, contact us at any time. Email Beck Besecker or call 727-851-9522.

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Virtual Reality is constantly changing and there is much to learn. Here is a supplemental list of VR/AR resources for you to enjoy and share.


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