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Tom Wheeler fights for Net Neutrality, Apple’s AR iPhone plans and more

What We're Reading

Summer officially arrives Monday, June 20, and there was plenty of hot stories and videos posted in the last week to scorch the retinas of the Marxent staff. For today’s edition of What We’re Reading, our weekly series featuring staff members highlighting the best articles, videos, music and more they ssaw over the prior 7 days. This week, those finds included stories from Ars Technica, CNBC, YouTube, and more. Up first, it’s …

The Best Thing We Read This Week …

Best Thing
Chris Jones, a Project Engineer here at Marxent, highlighted a pair of articles from Ars Technica that shed light on recent decisions by the FCC that should be of interest to anyone who uses the internet. “I just got done reading “Tom Wheeler defeats the broadband industry: Net neutrality wins in court,” which in essence, wraps ups the recent win for consumers, end users, and innovators with the upholding of net the FCC’s net neutrality ruling. Basically, this upholds net neutrality, preventing ISP’s from throttling users, prioritizing certain ISP approved network traffic, filtering content, capping user’s bandwidth, etc of their customers to maintain a more free, and open internet.

“What’s even better,” Chris continued, “is this related article (also from Ars) “How a former lobbyist became the broadband industry’s worst nightmare.” It provides some backstory on Wheeler, current chairman of the FCC, who is surprising everyone with his net neutrality rulings, policies, and actions that go directly against the interests of Cable, Cellular, and Internet providers – all in the name of net neutrality to create open communications and a pro-competition market. It’s surprising because Mr. Wheeler was a lobbyist for the cable and cellular industries for over 20 years, and now is actively lobbying against them. Definitely an interesting read.

Best Book We Read This Week …

A while back, Marxent Senior Designer Ryan Roche gave a Lunch and Learn on Design Sprinting and spoke about Google Venture’s take on the process. This week he finally picked up a copy of “Sprint: How To Solve Big Problems and Test News Ideas In Just Five Days” and is now getting down to reading it in depth. Please feel free to take more than five days reading it, Ryan.

But wait, there’s more …

Are you ready for the sheer terror that is the Paranormal Activity VR game? Marxent Sales Associate is, saying “This looks like fun. Who likes haunted houses?

AR on your iPhone? Newly surfaced Apple patents show designs for a future iPhone that could have a wraparound display and augmented reality capabilities built in.

And Finally …

Star Wars goes VR? The latest Magic Leap demo includes some very familiar character doing amazing things through the start-ups viewer technology.

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