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Marxent brought its Virtual Reality Showroom platform to this year’s National Retail Federation’s Big Show in New York City, and among those wowed by the demonstration was McKinsey Fast Growth Tech’s Ken Fenyo. The Head of Consumer Markets, Fenyo wrote about the experience for a piece titled, “The boom in retail tech.” In it, he talks about attending the NRF show and then highlights emerging innovative retail tech.

“Marxent provides VR solutions to retailers … that let consumers design and interact with virtual home improvement projects,” Fenyo writes. “After putting on a VR headset, I was able to walk around a virtual living room, leaning over to see the details of the fabric texture, changing colors of the sofa, switching out an end table for a chair, and viewing the room from all angles. I was surprised how immersive the experience was – I even walked into a real-world wall when I forgot I wasn’t actually in the virtual room (don’t tell anyone).”

Read more of Ken Fenyo’s takeaways from NRF here.

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