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Next Reality News, a site covering Augmented and Mixed reality news, rumors and developer guides, talked to Marxent CEO Beck Besecker for their piece, “Marxent Prepared to Deploy Content for ARKit Apps.”

“While IKEA is collaborating with Apple for its ARKit furniture app, Marxent is ready to help the rest of the interior decorating and home improvement crowd with their apps,” begins author Tommy Palladino, before talking to Besecker about Apple’s ARKit, Marxent’s 3D Cloud™ content management system, and how the two will work together to enable the next generation of Augmented Reality experiences.

“ARKit makes publishing AR experiences as part of an iOS app very easy, but it doesn’t create or manage the content that goes into those apps,” Besecker said. “Marxent’s solution works across platforms and on older devices as well — so it allows a retailer who wants to build an ARKit app to publish an experience that is approximate to Android as well.”

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