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3D Cloud

The 3D
Experience Platform

Top furniture and home improvement retailers rely on 3D Cloud to consolidate 3D content efforts and deliver high-performing retail experiences at scale.

The 3D Experience Platform

“3D, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality enable us to immediately show a customer how La-Z-Boy can transform their home and add value to both our online and in-store experiences. Building everything on the 3D Cloud was an obvious choice.”

Eli Winkler
Chief Marketing Officer

The 3D experience platform that does it all

3D Applications

3D Applications

Configure and deploy branded 3D apps across mobile, web, and in-store.

3D Analytics

3D Analytics

Measure app performance, user journeys, and optimize performance.

3D Workflow

3D Workflow

Create large catalogs of 3D products. Setup business rules and product assemblies.
3D Content Management

3D Content Management

Distribute 3D assets across channels and applications. Manage systems integrations.
3D Integrations

3D Integrations

Integrate APIs with SSO, cart, CRM, pricing, and availability.

3D Cloud platform architecture

Deliver next-generation 3D customer experiences at scale with 3D Cloud’s flexible, reliable, and secure platform architecture.

3D Experience Platform

Trust and security

We work with leading third-party auditing firms to ensure that we meet or exceed the latest security and privacy standards.

Layered Security Architecture

Layered Security Architecture

Our approach to security and privacy uses the latest technology and techniques. Every technical and operational layer has been addressed.

  • Physical infrastructure
  • Software services
  • Data persistence
  • Service change control
  • Service support

Redundancy & Capacity Planning

Redundancy & Capacity Planning

Our cloud-first architecture is designed to be built once and run anywhere. It can auto-scale to handle increased demand based on predefined criteria.

  • Auto-heal services
  • Globally distributed services
  • 24/7/365 monitoring

Security Compliance & Audits

Security Compliance & Audits

We comply with industry standards for operations, infrastructure, and security controls. Marcum LLP is our third party oversight partner.

  • Penetration and vulnerability testing
  • SOC 2, Type I
  • SOC 2, Type II
  • ISO 27001/2013

Certifications and compliance

SOC 2 - Type I, Type II

SOC 2 - Type I, Type II

Availability, integrity, confidentiality, and privacy



California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliant



General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant



Americans with Disabilities Act standards compliant

The quick and easy way to get to market

One platform for every 3D app across the enterprise

With 3D Cloud, reusability is key. Order 3D content once and distribute everywhere.


  • Scalable, secure, and extensible
  • Optimized speed and fidelity
  • Host customer 3D projects across project categories

Full-scale 3D product

3D Cloud is the preferred 3D product visualization platform used by enterprise, home improvement, and furniture retailers like Lowe’s Home Improvement, Ashley HomeStore and Macy’s.

Make complete product catalogs available in 3D, export assets to most file formats, allow teams to easily share models, deliver customer applications, and measure return on investment.


  • Create 3D assets, manage rules, and orchestrate across teams and partners
  • Real-time business intelligence and reporting
  • Advanced merchandising tools for product assemblies and more
Full-scale 3D product visualization
Self-service or managed

Full-service solution

From reporting and planning to analytics, innovation road mapping, and personalized training, the 3D Cloud Customer and Partner Success teams take care of all of the details so you don’t have to.

3D asset management that scales

 3D Cloud manages millions of products and billions of variants for leading home improvement and furniture retailers and manufacturers worldwide.


3D Products


3D Projects


3D-Enabled Sales

3D asset management simplified

Infinite SKUs


Manage complex catalogs without sacrificing speed or quality. Bulk import meshes, materials, and product data with ease.

Free 3D Content Subscriptions

Free 3D
content subscriptions

Subscribe to the 3D product content of existing 3D Cloud clients free of charge (e.g. Ashley). Contact us for more information.

Fully integrated


Integrate easily with existing e-commerce platforms, systems and applications; PIM and DAM integrations are turnkey and painless.

Furniture and home improvement retailers trust 3D Cloud

Our 3D product visualization platform is a robust, enterprise solution trusted by top retailers everywhere.