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3D Furniture Modeling Services

3D Furniture Modeling Services for 3D Product Visualization

Create a 3D chair once and use it everywhere – for Augmented Reality, e-commerce product pages, product configurators, with our 3D Room Designer, for USDZ and AR Quick Look features, glTF formats and in Virtual Reality applications. Marxent offers unparalleled expertise in producing content libraries of smart, nimble, and reusable 3D furniture models for use in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D product configurators, 360 product spins and more. Our 3D furniture modeling services (we also work with kitchen cabinets and building materials) are designed to meet the requirements of enterprise-level design and visualization applications by delivering realism, consistency, and speed while optimizing for scale, asset reuse, and ongoing innovations. Our long-time specialization in these categories means that we’re optimized to deliver the best 3D product models for furniture and building products with competitive pricing. 


Cost Effective

Amortize the cost of model creation across use cases.

Real-Time Realism

Ready for high-quality 3D design experiences.


3D furniture modeling services for 5,000 to 50,000 SKUs or more.


Reusable geometries, materials, and assemblies.

Shared Libraries

Access to shared content, materials and asset libraries.

Future Ready

Continually updated assets match the pace of innovation.

Real-Time Realism

Delivering accurate and realistic visualization is vital for building customer confidence and satisfaction. Marxent is committed to ensuring the visual integrity of products, colors and materials on any platform or device. The proprietary Marxent Rendering System™ (MRS) includes custom shaders, shadow implementation, VXGI in VR and performance tuning for each platform — all without custom development. We tend to each and every vertex, polygon, and pixel to make sure that a beige couch looks beige (and never orange), no matter the application.

Efficient Performance

A chair is the sum of its parts, and we treat it that way — just like an upholsterer would. Each 3D model is broken down into the essential elements of geometry, color and material, then rendered on the fly as the user makes a request. This approach allows retailers to offer every single available customization option in 3D while guaranteeing a fast and realistic experience every time and with every application. Marxent’s LOD conversion process renders each 3D model to the highest level of realism possible for the intended application and platform, all without wasting processing power, time, or the need for dedicated staff.


When we say “Build once, use everywhere,” we mean it. Add new apps at anytime that use the same content. Each 3D model is engineered to maximize system resources and deliver a consistent consumer experience no matter the channel or solution. Whether it’s to deliver 360 spins to product detail pages on an eCommerce website; for use in a 3D Room Designer; intended for a smartphone Augmented Reality app; or designed for a full in-store Virtual Reality implementation, Marxent’s 3D models work across platforms and sales channels.

Enterprise Ready

Used by Macy’s, Office Depot, Ashley Furniture, AZEK Building Products and others, Marxent’s 3D content pipeline and 3D Cloud suite of products is proven, robust, and mature. Evidence based and designed with furniture and DIY retailers in mind, 3D Cloud is the guaranteed way to launch and maintain a 3D product strategy that delivers ROI while delivering on the expectations of today’s demanding shoppers.