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Room Planner Apps
3D Room Designer with Photo to Floorplan™

The Room Planner Apps Preferred By Top Retailers

Move over, 2D room planners. Discover the 3D room planner apps preferred by major furniture retailers such as Macy’s, Jerome’s and Bob’s Discount Furniture and kitchen cabinet manufacturers including American Woodmark. Marxent’s patent-pending 3D Room Designer with Photo to Floorplan™ is the fast, easy-to-use and realistic family of 2D and 3D room planner apps. Powered by Marxent’s 3D Cloud, 3D Room Designer with Photo to Floorplan turns sales associates and consumers alike into interior designers by pairing realistic, smart 3D products and environments with an intuitive user interface. An innovative approach to offering high-quality design services and 2D room planning tools that instantly transform into 3D room plans with custom configurations, 3D Room Designer with Photo to Floorplan integrates with existing enterprise websites and applications to support inspiration and merchandising strategies. It also works in concert with Marxent’s Virtual Reality Retail Showroom to deliver convincing, custom visualizations that are proven to improve customer experience, increase buyer confidence, lift basket size and substantially reduce returns.

The Fastest Room Planner 

Turn a 2D floor plan into a 3D floor plan
in seconds.

Photo to Floorplan

Create 3D room planner scenes from inspirational 2D photos.

Configure and Visualize

Design multiple products or assemblies into a single scene, then explore in 360-degree 3D views.

Save and share

Create, revise, save and share endless scenes.


Export a detailed bill of materials that’s tied to a user’s account through the Project Portal.

Branded Room Planner

Co-branded or white-label room planners for retailers or other channel partners.

For Web

Pick and place or design from photo with an endless assortment of 3D products — all using a standard Web browser. Marxent’s 3D Room Designer for Web pairs robust design tools with an easy and fun user experience, giving customers the power to create complex product assemblies with no skill or experience required. Customers can’t get enough of the control and the convenience 3D Room Designer for Web provides, while contractors love the ability to share designs seamlessly through the project portal.

For Mobile

Working from a standard iPad, 3D Room Designer for Mobile makes creating a floorplan as easy as dragging your finger across the screen. Walls snap into place, windows appear exactly where they should be. Layout complete, customers fill their virtual space with an unlimited array of 3D products. Macy’s is rolling out 3D Room Designer for Mobile chain-wide as part of the company’s Virtual Reality experience by fall 2018.

VR Networking with Mobile

A powerful addition to the 3D Room Designer experience, Marxent’s proprietary Virtual Reality Networking makes it possible for customers who have have designed a room can then step into their digital spaces and view room layouts in stunning 3D by donning an HTC Vive VR headset. Products are swapped in and out in real time using an iPad, and shoppers can buy with confidence knowing a new couch or loveseat will fit in their real world space.