By now you’ve heard that furniture customers are “in person shoppers.” It’s one of the foundational myths of the business. As the story goes, furniture shoppers must see a new couch in person — running their hands across the fabric, sitting on the cushions — before they’ll buy it. After all, how can a customer make an informed purchase decision without first experiencing the merchandise live and in person?

This is flawed thinking. A recent study by Perq found 70% of consumers shopping for furniture begin the process online, and 49% of those shopping for sofas online want to buy within two weeks. In this environment, it takes more than a clever newspaper ad and in-store display to attract foot traffic and drive sales.

In this video we’ll explore ways furniture retailers are using 3D product strategy to better “sell a scene, not a sofa.” We’ll also explore a host of new technologies — including 3D Room Planners, 360 Product Spins, and Augmented and Virtual Reality visualization tools — that use cutting edge techniques to increasing basket size while drastically reducing returns.

Note: This is the fourth video in a multi-part series on 3D product strategy. Check out part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. The series will conclude with a special webinar, which we’ll be telling you more about as we get further into the series. Stay tuned!