The very first Augmented Reality Valentine’s Day cards + AR games for kids are here. Instead of just giving classmates flimsy paper cards, with InstaMOTION AR Valentine’s Day cards kids can gift each other fabulous AR mini-games. Totally affordable, a box of 32 cards costs just $4. Find them on the shelves of Target Stores nationwide in the Valentine’s Day section of the store.

The cards feature AR experiences ranging from mini-sports games such as soccer, baseball, football and basketball to customizable fashion models that walk a runway. Our all-time favorite is the love-struck dragon mini-game. With user controls, the 3D animated dragon breathes fire, giggles when tickled, kicks a ball with his tail, skateboards and flies through the air. Games are played by downloading a free smartphone app that interacts with the paper cards.



Download the free InstaMOTION app

Note: the app only works with the Valentine’s Day card AR targets