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The Leading 3D Product Visualization Company

What inspires you? At Marxent, we’re inspired by imagining the future of the customer experience. It’s a future where customers can shop with confidence by fully experiencing their purchase before they buy. One where shoppers no longer have to wonder if they’re making a good decision. From our patent-pending 3D Room Planner with Photo to Floorplan™ to our Virtual Reality Showroom and the most powerful and flexible 3D CMS on the planet, our goal is to make deploying an enterprise 3D content strategy foolproof and cost-efficient.

Holistic solutions for the omnichannel enterprise

It’s taken nearly a decade of laser focus, in-depth customer research and ongoing partnerships with renowned home furnishings and home improvement brands to ensure that the 3D Cloud CMS can remove friction from the introduction of emerging technologies while supporting the business objectives of major retailers. Designed to work in tandem with our 3D Room Planner and Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Ecommerce apps, we are innovating to address all of the 3D content challenges of the modern enterprise.

Our Story

Marxent was founded by brothers Beck and Barry Besecker in 2011. Their vision was to solve real customer experience problems for retailers facing a future where 3D technology would take center stage. Since then, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most fantastic brands and creative innovators in home furnishings and home improvement. Marxent started out by building one-off AR and VR applications for retailers. Along the way, we learned how instrumental content management was in enabling retailers to scale their omnichannel 3D content efforts, achieve results and to offer the most exceptional customer experience. That’s how Marxent’s 3D Cloud and CMS was born.


Beck Besecker is the co-founder and CEO of Marxent. Previously, Beck spent 13 years building interactive marketing solutions for Fortune 500 retailers and brands, including Target Stores and Tesco. In 1999, he founded Copient Technologies (now NCR AMS), which was acquired by NCR in 2003. Beck then served as EVP of New Business at Catalina Marketing.

Barry Besecker is the co-founder and CTO of Marxent. Previously, Barry spent 10 years building software, architecting web platforms and designing content management solutions for major brands such as Pfizer, Exxon Mobil and Miller Coors while leading the digital marketing practice as a VP at an Ohio-based software development firm.

Work at Marxent

Voted Ohio’s Best Place to Work in 2016 and 2017, Marxent is a great place to start or grow your career. We like to hire local talent with a history of consistency, creativity, work ethic and portfolios that speak for themselves. The perfect candidate is a self motivated, talented and passionate person who is a ninja in one or two areas and curious about many others. If you would like to work at Marxent, read more about our company culture or review our job listings.

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Marxent is backed by Dan Gilbert, the chairman of Quicken Loans, Detroit Venture Partners, Stage 1 Ventures, and Anorak Ventures.